Leprechaun Milk.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Leprechaun Milk.
Make these cute milks for your sweet little one for St. Patty's day!
Serve them by themselves or with lucky charms cereal. 

Here's how to make these:
Snapple Glass Bottle (or a Milk bottle)
Green Food coloring
(metallic paper or vinyl) cut or punch them out & attach

Stir food coloring + milk until completely green.

Voila- Leprechaun Milk for the little ones! They'll love it! 

You can see more of these cute donuts to go with this little drink over at Mom's Best Network
Go check out all the cute things you can do!


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

 1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6. / 7. / 8.

We've started our kitchen remodel, well really it started a few weeks ago, 
but now we're tearing things out, adding new cabinets, & making some serious progress...
Phew, and all of the "materials" are ordered minus the stainless steel hood, the husband says that's last.
I've always dreamed about a white kitchen so, here we are, starting to work on it! 

So here's our plans:
- strip, sand, infill the wood grain, prime, & paint the cabinets white
- new counters
- new sink
- new faucet
- new light fixture
- tear out parts of soffit
- add crown to soffits
- paint soffit & crown
- tile the backsplash
- patch drywall
- add floating shelving

I've already moved all my food from our "pantry" cabinet into our actual pantry now, 
or as my husband calls it the food closet, haha, he hung this light in our pantry 
& all I need to do it buy these organizers & paint the inside of the "closet" pantry.

We decided to leave a majority of our soffits, because we tore into it & found a mess of events,
which include lots of wiring, yes my husband is an electrician, but he said it would be about 2 weeks 
of work to straighten out, plus they didn't drywall above the soffit, just left it open to the attic & insulation.
So it's staying, & we're painting it white & adding crown and other trim work above
it to make it look like it belongs.

We decided to go with Formica Calcutta Marble, while I would absolutely love real marble, 
My modest budget says otherwise, but I've done a lot of research on this & it has great reviews!
We also decided to go with the cast-iron sink, while I would have loved a porcelain apron sink,
I couldn't bring my self to spend $800+ for a sink with laminate counters, & the closest Ikea is
6+ hours way, so I'll just save that amazing sink for my dream home.

So there you have it! Somehow this remodel makes me super nervous. 
I can tuft a headboard, lay wood flooring, & put up board & batten like no ones business
But this remodel just scares me, maybe because I'm worried about painting the oak cabinets
or maybe because I just hope it meets all my expectations, & I set my expectations high for this project,
hence why we saved this big remodel for one of our very lasts.

& let's hope we don't come across random issues that could break the bank. fingers crossed.
we're trying to keep this renovation under $2,000 not including our new appliances we just bought.


Monday, February 24, 2014

oh, yeahhhh, those mini bundt cake are going to make a come back. 
yeah-yeah bundt cakes remind us of our elderly neighbor next door, but
these are SO much cuter than the old lady version that never gets ate at thanksgiving dinner.
I'm sharing this recipe over at Mom's Best it's delicious, with a yummy lemon glaze that's to die for
So go out buy your self a mini bundt cake pan, and have these at your next party!

Best part about these mini cakes, you can decorate them however the heck you please.
So go crazy, sprinkles, cake bunting, candles, and download these cute flags I made while your at it. 

Flag download: via here
Recipe:  over at Mom's Best 

p.s. i'll be doing some more fun things with these, stay tuned


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I'm sharing this super sweet party over at Mom's Best
Go check out the rest of the photos! You'll want to have a super sweet party after this!
Oh, make sure you make those sweet cotton candy topped cupcakes for your next event!
You can read the how-to here at this post 

In the meantime we've decided to redo out guest bedroom.
I've ordered some fun new items for the room + the husband in cutting out a new headboard.
Seriously, Can the weather PLEASE get nice, i've been dying to do paint some peices outside
Plus our kitchen cabinets, yes, 4 weeks later we STILL don't have a working dishwasher.
In the meantime we're slowly working on the house.


Monday, February 17, 2014

Before I start I should share I followed Sarah's Headboard Tutorial & Little Green Notebook Tutorial
I created a hybrid between the two, to create our headboard!

1 sheet of plywood 1/2" plywood
2x8" (x2)
1x8 (x2) 
1x3 (x4)
Fabric (this fabric is similar, the fabric I used from fabric.com is sold out) 
Foam (I used the cheap egg foam)
(40) 1 1/4" Upholstery buttons
Bakers Twine
Wood dowels

We cut the headboard out  3' x 5'  and then screwed the 2x8 & 1x8 together and cut them to 5', now we had 2 wing peices.

I bought 2 queen size foam egg topper & cut them in half & stacked the egg sides together. I stacked 3 layers of foam.

We drilled the holes where we wanted our buttons to go. I placed the foam on top of the plywood.

I pushed a wood skewer through the foam to mark where my button.  I left skewer in the drilled hole & cut a 1" hole around the skewer, than removed the skewer

Cut your fabric with an extra 12" on all the sides, I didn't leave much fabric & it was a little hairy in some places, haha, we made it work!

We used 2 saw horse and use that to work from, that way one person could be under feeding the needle through & one above tufting the fabric.

We used 2 pieces of bakers twine & a large upholstering needle. My sweet husband fed the needle up from the backside & I added the button & fed it back through the hole.

We pushed the button tight to the wood. I pushed from the top  & he pulled from the backside. He used a wood dowel to tie it off. The wood dowel helps is what holds the button in place, to make sure to pull it tight against the wood.

Since the wings were already thick I just used batting to cover them. I doubled  the batting on each wing, and wrapped it around once. I stapled the batting with just a hand stapler.

We attempted to attached the wing pieces with a screw, that didn't work, the batting got stuck around the screw which resulted in a cranky husband after 8 attempts.

After the failed attempts we attached the wing pieces by screwing a 1x4 in between the backside of the headboard & the wing piece. Than I covered the 1x4 with the velvet.

The photos below show how was tied the backside off with the wood dowels, we also attached the wings
with a 1x4, we screwed the board to the edge of the wing, sat the headboard (top down) on the floor, for a flat surface & attached the rest of the 1x4 to the main tufted headboard.

I stapled the remaining fabric around the 1x4 piece of wood, that way it wont scratch the wall, & won't be visible from the side.

Total cost. The total cost of this headboard was close to $150
$50 wood - $30 padding - $25 Upholstery Buttons - $38 5 yards of velvet fabric
Steal of a deal if you consider buying one is anywhere from $400-800

Happy head boarding! If you have any questions feel free to ask away!
p.s. sorry for the iphone quality pictures, we worked on this late at night, so lighting wasn't ideal!


Monday, February 17, 2014

Phew, this headboard is complete, holy smokes, I'll admit it was a lot of work.
But oh so worth it, I saved my self $300 by doing it myself, and by my self, I do mean the husband and I.
I'll be posting a tutorial on this, but before I do I had to share the finished product,
because I have to admit I'm slightly proud of my self, this is my first time tufting although
I did read 1,000 tufting tutorial, so thanks in advance to all those people who shared their how to's!
I made this teal headboard when we first moved in, I loved it
but the fabric was pulling away from the nail heads &
so I decided to try something new!

I wanted a plush headboard so I decided to use velvet, best choice, so happy with it.
I bought 5 yards of this (this fabric is similar) I made sure to use upholstering velvet,
I wouldn't recommend using stretch velvet, or clothing velvet, it wont work well,
You'll need thick heavy fabric for this because you'll be pulling on it a lot.

Read the rest of the tutorial + photos here at this post

p.s. sorry in advance for the dark Iphone how to pictures, we worked on this when it was dark.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

A little LOVE for my sweet hubby,
I made these little glitter marquee letters for a sweet set up for the hubs.
Oh, and some yummy cupcakes, I set this up on the mantle so that in the morning
before he went to work he would see this sweet little surprise. 

Here's how I made the letters:

Glitter Paper
This template-if you don't have a cricut

Step 1: I cut the letters out on the cricut, but it you happen not to have one here's a template
Step 2: Than I cut the rest of the glitter out in strips
Step 3: Hot glue and wrap the strips around the letters
Step 4: Hint, fold & crease the paper around edges, it makes for a cleaner look.

I taped mine to the mantle but I'm sure a tack would work good too.

We're off the spend the rest weekend with our sweet little nieces.
Cosmetic bowling is calling our names

Happy Valentines Day! 


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

You'll need 4 pieces of paper. Scissors & glue

Draw 3 sizes of circles on a sheet, if you need help, I created this template

Cut out your paper circles. I cut 4 sheets at a time, pstt... it's quicker that way.

Stack your circles, cut a slice half way to the middle, just one slice per circle.

Hint: they'll look like this. slightly fold the circles  in and glue them. They will kind of look like a mini domes.

Now take your 4 smaller ones and overlap them and glue them together

Glue them together so that they form a circle-squarish look.

Add your second largest petal, add glue to the underside of the first petal row

Keep going! You're doing it, just keep gluing and adding..

Add your largest petals now last!
Hint: If you want a fuller look at 5 large petals to the last row.

And just like that you're done!

Center: cut a circle in little fringe pieces, cup and curl the fringes with your hand to make them curl

Enjoy this a little tutorial video I put together!
Now just repeat these steps over & over, and you're done!
Stick them to a wall above a crib or just wherever you dang-well-please! 



Tuesday, February 11, 2014

 You're the Milk to my Cookies!
And guess what...Happy almost Valentines day!
Make these super cute sprinkle drinks & cookie for your party!
These sweet little drinks were just  featured in Babiekins Magazine.
I used a Simply Orange or Lemonade bottle to create these, who'll all for re-purposing.

I coated the top of the bottle with frosting & covered it with sprinkles.
I than printed these tags, that I made for momsbestnetwork.com, printed & cut them out
Attached the tag to the bottle with twine.
Bag up oreos, or any kind of cookie in a clear treat bag!

Easy as that, super fun for the kiddos, and milks healthy right?
Have a wonderful valentines day,
and I'll be posting tutorials soon, pretty promise.
and a fun little DIY video on how to make those giant papers! 

I've been slightly distracted finishing up etsy orders & working on a tutorial for a tufted headboard.
ohhh.... and you know that little thing called work, my actual real job, yeah I've been busy with that too.. 
I was super nervous about tufting BUT it's been surprisingly easy, well with two people at least.


Friday, February 7, 2014

My darling pregnant sister is having baby number 3!
So I'm making these sweet little flowers for above her crib,
Three girls, and one dog, their house is soon to be filled with curling irons
hairspray, cellphones, and endless amounts of clothes.

But here's what  I have to say to her......

BRING IT ON, she can handle it, she's one tough cookie!
I'm also making these darling flowers for my sweet friends baby shower,
She asked for my help & I was ecstatic! If yo couldn't tell I kinda like any reason to party
So let the celebrations began! Babies everywhere, and I love it, wouldn't have it any other way!
Plus it's give me a reason to do some seriously baby fever shoppin'
I mean seriously, I can't stop.. the husband thinks its okay as long
as it's going to someone else's happy home.
what a sweet man, that one.

Meanwhile I'll post a short tutorial on these darlings this weekend,
I'm about to make fifteen lovely peach, salmon, lime, and fushia flowers.
So join me in the tutorial It'll be a good one!

p.s. make sure you have a lot of paper, these puppies take 4 sheets per flower.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hip, hip, hooray!
Let's, please, celebrate!
This sweet little blog + shop of mine is turning one!
And what better way to celebrate than planning a little party.
Fun freebies, perhaps just a giveaway, + some freebies, like this invite.
Plus we've officially been in our house for 1 year!
Lots of reasons to celebrate.

Stay tuned lots of fun things to come!
I promise you wont be disappointed one bit.

Also I'm dying to throw a shower,
so could someone
I know please get married
or have a baby, or maybe both!

 Come see what I'm pinning!

 see what I'm pinning on pinterest.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

I'm sharing these 3 adorable Valentines on Babiekin's Valentine Issue 
Make these cute valentines treats with your Babiekins! 

All you'll need is:
Treat Bags

Be sure to download the tags I made over at Mom's Best
I purchased my Rock Candy via Amazon, but you could purchase yours 
at a local candy store if you happen to have one of those, I just happen not to.
I removed the original bag & repackaged it, and added some twine + tag. 



Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It's a freezing snowy blizzard out there.
So I'm wrapping up the day with a to-do list.
And trying to keep finishing those etsy orders.
AFTER that the shop is really truly closed for a few months, for real this time.
// so get your orders in - last chance //

The husbands car + truck both died & now we're on the search for a new car,
In the meantime go check out Babiekins Magazine Issue & read my 3 valentines I created
For the issue! I'll be doing 3 post on them in the next few days..

I think I'll stay in bed just a little big longer today.
Those cheerios were all the missed-mouth cheerios that lead a small path into the bedroom.
Cheerios in bed are perhaps the best, try it.

In the meantime come see what I'm pinning, I promise you wont be disappointed.


Monday, February 3, 2014

Also I'm so incredibly honored to be featured on Oprah.com!
My DIY dresser that I happened to have thrift-ed for $30 & refurnish & wallpaper was listed on 2014 trend! I attached the link below. 
I ordered my wallpaper through spoonflower.com  
You can read my tutorial & the link over here from this post! Enjoy!
If you click under the Home Tour tab, there are more photos of our house, it's still a work in progress but we're slowly getting there, it's a large improvement from when we moved in! 
I need to post better photos of our house afters! We recently remodeled our basement 
& we're moving on to our kitchen, those lovely oak cabinets that are just down right WRONG, in every way.
stay tuned, because we're always up to something, 
& the next few weeks we're working on a gray velvet tufted headboard!


Monday, February 3, 2014

Love everything about these items,
This is perfect for a shower or birthday
I picked up that lovely Ruffled Cake Stand   for only $15, it's a party must.
Meanwhile I hear a party calling me in these colors + items.
Confetti brights mixed with golds, yes please. 
Love gathering photos for inspiration boards!

The links above attach the sources, meanwhile, I'll be getting my DIY pants on! 
 And I hear some mint honeycomb balls calling my name.

What kind of party will you be having?


Saturday, February 1, 2014

I just finished up this garland for a sweet little girl's 1st birthday,
I also had to include a final picture of the cotton candy topped cupcakes if you missed READ IT.
I'll be sharing both this tutorials on the garland & toppers here shortly. 
In the meantime I've closed my etsy shop. 

If you're looking to order message me, I'll be doing custom messaged orders only
I'm finishing up all other orders & I'm trying to get new content & DIY post pulled together,
PLUS we're getting ready to start our kitchen remodel, yippee! We just picked up our cabinets today!
And in the meantime I'm trying to justify spending the money on my dream apron kitchen sink.
So for the next few months I'll be busy with our remodel + new content for the blog + new content for Mom's Best

Stay tuned, I have a tufted upholstered headboard tutorial coming soon,
The husband just finished cutting out my headboard & I just picked up the foam tonight! 

Also I'm so incredibly honored to be featured on Oprah.com!
My DIY dresser that I happened to have thrift-ed for $30 & refurnish & wallpaper was listed on 2014 trend! I attached the link below.