Friday, February 7, 2014

My darling pregnant sister is having baby number 3!
So I'm making these sweet little flowers for above her crib,
Three girls, and one dog, their house is soon to be filled with curling irons
hairspray, cellphones, and endless amounts of clothes.

But here's what  I have to say to her......

BRING IT ON, she can handle it, she's one tough cookie!
I'm also making these darling flowers for my sweet friends baby shower,
She asked for my help & I was ecstatic! If yo couldn't tell I kinda like any reason to party
So let the celebrations began! Babies everywhere, and I love it, wouldn't have it any other way!
Plus it's give me a reason to do some seriously baby fever shoppin'
I mean seriously, I can't stop.. the husband thinks its okay as long
as it's going to someone else's happy home.
what a sweet man, that one.

Meanwhile I'll post a short tutorial on these darlings this weekend,
I'm about to make fifteen lovely peach, salmon, lime, and fushia flowers.
So join me in the tutorial It'll be a good one!

p.s. make sure you have a lot of paper, these puppies take 4 sheets per flower.

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