playroom organization.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

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We recently redid charlie's playroom, about a year ago, but it's been a process and we finally are pulling it all together. Her playroom room has a closet (which i use 1/2 of it for craft storage) and the other half we use for storing her larger toys. This Christmas she was so blessed to receive so many wonderful gifts from family. However storage has been a little tricky so we decided to move our Ikea Kallax storage from the basement family room into her playroom, we added these bottom drawers to our system. And I just love adding the pink storage bins from H&M and $5.99, can't beat that price! 

So we're busy the next few weeks decluttering the house, making spring garage sale piles & putting together her playroom for her to enjoy all year! We love the playroom for the cold winter months here in the midwest, it's seriously a life saver, since we can't spend a lot of time outside.

I hope you all had a wonderful christmas & a happy new year!

My goal(s) for 2018 is to take off this last pesky 17 lbs, I'm down 53 lbs from my start of the keto diet and working out at the beginning of November, so back on track after the holidays and finish taking off the rest, and to finish updating and organizing our house. I'm switching out some furniture & decor to modernize our space a bit, and adding some ship lap to our walls!

Polar Bear Party

Monday, December 18, 2017


We celebrated our Charlie girl turning 2! We mostly celebrated with a trip to Disney & her turning 2 while we were there, which included a ton of Disney park gifts +  a mickey mouse cake, which she absolutely adored. So I was going to skip the party at home with Christmas being so close, but my mom wanted to give her, her birthday gifts & we decided to have a little cake and ice cream which turned into pizza, cake, ice cream, candles. BUT still toned down from the big birthday celebration I was planning on having for her. So we had some plates, threw on a table cloth, put out some Christmas decorations and passed it off as a polar bear winter party. 

I made some polar bear/tree sugar cookies, my mom made a yummy white vanilla cake, and my husband brought home pizza from a delicious Italian bakery. It was such a fun night + we (my husband and I) were so happy we scaled back.

She had the best time checking out all her new toys, which she is STILL playing with, yay for a change of toys. 

We're prepping for Santa to come this year so this week we'll be making cookies for santa & his reindeer. She asked for a baby & a baby bed from santa. I'll post a round up of our list of our favorite toys + items for Christmas soon!

Deck the halls.

Monday, December 4, 2017

This is my favorite season! A reason for the season, I love the reason behind the season and I love the joy and cheer everyone has for Christmas, it's my absolute favorite! We kicked off our holidays at Disney World, and if you haven't been for Christmas it is truly magical! When we got home from our trip we had the cutest box from Tiny Prints waiting for us!

We ordered our Christmas cards, and I absolutely love the detail Tiny Prints think of! The envelopes are personalized with our address, with an adorable design on the outside. And my absolute favorite is the liners! I mean seriously it's perfect! We decided to use our photos from charlie decorating our first family gingerbread. The red foil merry Christmas has my heart!

We also love the personalized gold confetti ornaments, this is our first year for this and I love the idea of collecting these photos over the next several years.

Go check out Tiny Prints & the holiday cards they are offering this year!