Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Today I'm over at Mom's Best sharing these DIY baby blocks I made for our little peanuts room,
These were so, so, so simple + if your not craft AT ALL, don't worry these are practically fool proof, plus they add a stylish touch to her little nursery. So if your nesting, like my self, or just wanting to put get together something stylish for your little ones room OR headed to a baby shower these would be the perfect home made gift to make for anyone you know expecting!

So get a little crafty and head over to Mom's Best to read the tutorial on how to make these babies.


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

We're planning a combined baby shower over here! I mean honestly, who gets to have a baby shower with their sister!? Luckily I do! Since our little peanuts, which yes, they still happen to be nameless, are due 8 weeks apart we're throwing a darling baby shower, I just finished up these fun boxes to fit all our desserts in! We're in serious baby shower mode to stay tune for the final party details + party photos over at Mom's Best. It's gonna be one big BABY BASH!

bringing home baby.

Friday, August 7, 2015

So I'm kinda new on the whole bring home baby thing, but I've been reading lots on pinterest.
My favorite what to pack blog article is this one, I mean seriously it was so informative + how darling is Alexa's sweet baby girl? So I'm just starting my hunt some little onesies + some other basics! If you have any recommendation let me know!  I did order this little hat for the babe, since our fall baby is coming in November it might be a little chilly for her. So a little hat for her little head to keep warm, might be needed. Click the number below (left to right, top to bottom)

Also I'll be packing for myself & of course bring my camera so I can grab some photos of little miss once she gets here. I want to make sure to have a few cute blankets + headbands for those first photos in the hospital but most importantly I want to make sure everything if soft and comfortable for her, soft swaddles, blankets, and of course soft little sleepers + long sleeve onesies, I love the kimono wrapped onesie... so, so sweet!

Essentials: Swaddle Blankets, Sleepers, Long Sleeve Onesie, Hair Bow, Car Seat, Car Seat Cover, Warm Blanket, Socks, Hat (for crisp fall weather), Mittens, Pacifiers

Baby Girl.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Oh sweet baby girl, although we cant pick a name for you, we love you so much.
We recently started reading to her at nights in her room. Her dad reads and I just sit in the rocker and listen. Our love for you is incredible, I never knew I could ever love someone I've never met, but I do love you so much. So we're so close to having her little room done, seriously I leave all the doors open so I can look in when I walk by and just think. This little room is my very favorite in the entire house.

We're getting so close, just some drawers in the closet. A few decorative accents, a few shelves + frames on the wall, and we should be done. I can't wait to do the full bedroom reveal over at Mom's Best + a little rumor has it a giveaway will be included! Stay tune!