Toddler Approved Snack

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Today I'm sharing toddler approved snacks. I have a picky eater, if she could she would eat the same 10 things everyday so every once in awhile I like to switch things up!

I'm sharing a "toddler trail mix" for on the go! When we're running errands and I need her to stay in the cart, this toddler trail mix is perfect for it. I like to switch this mix up but this week I did a combo of light salted popcorn, fruit loops (ps I prefer Aldi's cereals they have natural coloring), whole wheat goldfish crackers, Add raisins to this for a fun combination! I like to make this in a big back however if I handed her that bag she would dump it all over in about 10 seconds, so these cute Ubbi Tweat Snack containers are so cute & they store her trail mix! Phew, a lot less mess + easy for on the go.

Snacks at home! She loves fruit, and honestly I can't say as a blame her! I cut up from fruit and added them to a rainbow, with some yummy greek yogurt as "clouds". I added a little agave to the greek yogurt to sweeten it a bit. This snack was a hit with her!