Monday, February 17, 2014

Phew, this headboard is complete, holy smokes, I'll admit it was a lot of work.
But oh so worth it, I saved my self $300 by doing it myself, and by my self, I do mean the husband and I.
I'll be posting a tutorial on this, but before I do I had to share the finished product,
because I have to admit I'm slightly proud of my self, this is my first time tufting although
I did read 1,000 tufting tutorial, so thanks in advance to all those people who shared their how to's!
I made this teal headboard when we first moved in, I loved it
but the fabric was pulling away from the nail heads &
so I decided to try something new!

I wanted a plush headboard so I decided to use velvet, best choice, so happy with it.
I bought 5 yards of this (this fabric is similar) I made sure to use upholstering velvet,
I wouldn't recommend using stretch velvet, or clothing velvet, it wont work well,
You'll need thick heavy fabric for this because you'll be pulling on it a lot.

Read the rest of the tutorial + photos here at this post

p.s. sorry in advance for the dark Iphone how to pictures, we worked on this when it was dark.

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