Monday, February 17, 2014

Before I start I should share I followed Sarah's Headboard Tutorial & Little Green Notebook Tutorial
I created a hybrid between the two, to create our headboard!

1 sheet of plywood 1/2" plywood
2x8" (x2)
1x8 (x2) 
1x3 (x4)
Fabric (this fabric is similar, the fabric I used from fabric.com is sold out) 
Foam (I used the cheap egg foam)
(40) 1 1/4" Upholstery buttons
Bakers Twine
Wood dowels

We cut the headboard out  3' x 5'  and then screwed the 2x8 & 1x8 together and cut them to 5', now we had 2 wing peices.

I bought 2 queen size foam egg topper & cut them in half & stacked the egg sides together. I stacked 3 layers of foam.

We drilled the holes where we wanted our buttons to go. I placed the foam on top of the plywood.

I pushed a wood skewer through the foam to mark where my button.  I left skewer in the drilled hole & cut a 1" hole around the skewer, than removed the skewer

Cut your fabric with an extra 12" on all the sides, I didn't leave much fabric & it was a little hairy in some places, haha, we made it work!

We used 2 saw horse and use that to work from, that way one person could be under feeding the needle through & one above tufting the fabric.

We used 2 pieces of bakers twine & a large upholstering needle. My sweet husband fed the needle up from the backside & I added the button & fed it back through the hole.

We pushed the button tight to the wood. I pushed from the top  & he pulled from the backside. He used a wood dowel to tie it off. The wood dowel helps is what holds the button in place, to make sure to pull it tight against the wood.

Since the wings were already thick I just used batting to cover them. I doubled  the batting on each wing, and wrapped it around once. I stapled the batting with just a hand stapler.

We attempted to attached the wing pieces with a screw, that didn't work, the batting got stuck around the screw which resulted in a cranky husband after 8 attempts.

After the failed attempts we attached the wing pieces by screwing a 1x4 in between the backside of the headboard & the wing piece. Than I covered the 1x4 with the velvet.

The photos below show how was tied the backside off with the wood dowels, we also attached the wings
with a 1x4, we screwed the board to the edge of the wing, sat the headboard (top down) on the floor, for a flat surface & attached the rest of the 1x4 to the main tufted headboard.

I stapled the remaining fabric around the 1x4 piece of wood, that way it wont scratch the wall, & won't be visible from the side.

Total cost. The total cost of this headboard was close to $150
$50 wood - $30 padding - $25 Upholstery Buttons - $38 5 yards of velvet fabric
Steal of a deal if you consider buying one is anywhere from $400-800

Happy head boarding! If you have any questions feel free to ask away!
p.s. sorry for the iphone quality pictures, we worked on this late at night, so lighting wasn't ideal!


  1. This is beautiful! You did a fantastic job. Thanks for sharing. Can you tell me your source for the fabric? I can't get the link to work. Also, what color is this. Love it!

    1. hello!

      Thank you so much for your kind words! Sorry about the link! I purchased the fabric via fabric.com they not longer have it in stock but this is similar https://www.fabric.com/buy/un-017/antique-velvet-grey


  2. I love the velvet - it looks so luxe!! thanks for the link too :)

  3. How much of the fabric did you purchase ? Thank you ! :)

    1. I bought 5 yards (for a queen size bed), but I have a yard and a half left, I would definitely buy 4 just to be safe :)

  4. I bought 5 yards (for a queen size bed), but I have a yard and a half left, I would definitely buy 4 just to be safe :)

  5. I have a king size bed, can you suggest the adjusted materials needed? Thanks a bunch!!!