Thursday, June 26, 2014


Wahoo, the fourth of July is almost here, I love fireworks! 
And instead of having s'mores I made this Whole 30 approved fruit tray,
You can read more about my post over at Mom's Best.

These fun drinks are sugar free, with fresh fruit, striped straws, and fun stirrers.
Just add water or San Pellegrino or La Criox flavored water for a sparkling treat.
Here's to a fun treat for this little ones & big kids, like us, too!


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ah, summer is here, although I have to admit summer is my least favorite season,
at least here in Iowa, where you go outside and you're practically wet from the humidity.
But ring in summer with this fun DIY party for summer or a summer themed pool party!
I styled this shoot for Mom's Best, you can see more photos +details over here.

And here's where you can find those darling products:
“YUM” letters via East and Acland; Summer Tags via Paper and Pleats; Tassel Garland via Paper Fox LA; Eat Cake Topper via CakeUp!

Happy Summer-ing! Now go have a party!
Summer party gift box coming soon!


Monday, June 23, 2014

I'm just the overly chubby girl who loves sweets, starches, and grains.
Just someone, who's always struggled being healthy, whatever was lying around I ate it.
But today I'm working on a healthier me, just one step at a time...

I've always struggled with weight my entire life,
but this is about finding a happy healthy me.

I've stripped out all sugars, legumes, dairy, grains from my diet.
& I am so fortunate to have my husband join me on this journey!

The program is called Whole 30.
This is more about just 30 days, it's a life style change, that will hopefully open my eyes.

Trust me, I'll still eat those cupcakes but in moderation, on occasion.

Day 5, I've given up all of the above, plus my very favorite, SODA.
Gosh I just love soda, but seriously why does it have to be so bad for you?
Today, I feel great, happy energized, and not hungry (the best part)

If you want to read more of Whole 30, read here.
Also here are some of my favorite meals from our past couple days.
And please note, I'm not at all a typical Trader Joe's junkies at all, I've been there once,
most of what I found is from Target, Sam's/Costco, Hy-vee, without breaking the bank.
Sorry for the iphone quality photos, but you get the idea.

dinner: sams/costco ground turkey meatballs, tomatoes , fresh green beans with mushrooms + chopped roasted almonds, bing cheeries.
meatballs: turkey, fresh cilantro, onion, crush garlic, red pepper flakes, s + p, heat olive oil in pan sear meatballs on each side, bake for 30 minutes at 375 degrees.

breakfast: mini ham quiches- applegate uncured ham (target), eggs, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes.
quiches: line muffin pan with applegate ham, mix eggs, chopped spinach, mushrooms. bake 350 degrees for 30 minutes. 

dinner: filet steak (hy-vee), sweet potato chips, gauc. - avocado mixed with onion + garlic, tomatoes, spinach

breakfast: uncured ham sliced into rolls, two boiled eggs, tomatoes.

dinner: filet steak (hy-vee), sweat potato fries with a little olive oil with sea salt, spinach, gauc. - avocado mixed with onion + garlic (husbands plate: a bigger steak, a little more protein for him)

lunch: chicken lettuce wrap. roasted chicken with sea salt on a lettuce leaf with tomatoes, strawberries.

 lunch: avocado mixed with onion + roasted garlic chicken + chopped spinach, sliced red peppers for dipping. I chopped the roasted chicken (roasted the chicken the night before in the oven with garlic) finely + spinach + onion, smashed up some avocado.


Thursday, June 19, 2014

I just love those bows, and seriously I think every party needs these.
Baby shower, 1st birthday, heck just for fun. And you can make these.
I'm sharing these over at Mom's Best Network. You can see my tutorial over there.
Hooray, make these cuties for your next party.

or maybe for a cutely styled bar cart? Okay, the possibilities are endless.
last picture promise, but there a ton more.... 


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

(image via SMP)

I love a good gift, even if it's a just because. 
So here's to a good house warming gift, or a just because, or a party favor gift.
I love a good party, and I love to make sure that my guest have a little something to take home.
Here's some of my favorites for a fun gift box.

A cute wood box or container sets the tone.
Paper straws are a must, always useful.
A few glitter flags, just for fun.
A cute wood utensil set, for a fun event.
A few San Pellegrino's, for a kick back relax moment.
Mason jar lids, because let's just admit it, their stinkin' cute.
Paper cups, ya know for those just moved in.. we don't have cups phase.

Happy gifting! Just remember, sometimes you just don't need a reason to give a gift,
Just a fun reason to surpise friends, neighbors, and family!

Happy Summer!


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Everyone needs a bar cart right?
Even if its for virgin margaritas and lemonde, I say absolutely!
I picked up this little gem, trust me those colors were tempting to keep, kidding
and sanded it, primed it, and spray that baby GOLD, are there really anyother colors out there?
And now this little cart is perfect for summer nights, BBQ's, and having guest over.
I picked up some Oh Joy's target party line, boxes via dollar section target,
painted some wooden spoons, printed little flags, added some cake stands

before picture