Wednesday, February 12, 2014

You'll need 4 pieces of paper. Scissors & glue

Draw 3 sizes of circles on a sheet, if you need help, I created this template

Cut out your paper circles. I cut 4 sheets at a time, pstt... it's quicker that way.

Stack your circles, cut a slice half way to the middle, just one slice per circle.

Hint: they'll look like this. slightly fold the circles  in and glue them. They will kind of look like a mini domes.

Now take your 4 smaller ones and overlap them and glue them together

Glue them together so that they form a circle-squarish look.

Add your second largest petal, add glue to the underside of the first petal row

Keep going! You're doing it, just keep gluing and adding..

Add your largest petals now last!
Hint: If you want a fuller look at 5 large petals to the last row.

And just like that you're done!

Center: cut a circle in little fringe pieces, cup and curl the fringes with your hand to make them curl

Enjoy this a little tutorial video I put together!
Now just repeat these steps over & over, and you're done!
Stick them to a wall above a crib or just wherever you dang-well-please! 


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