Wednesday, January 28, 2015

So you guys know my husband right? Maybe not, but let me give you a shortened version.
He's the sweetest-most kind hearted-smartest-harworking-man, I know. But let's be honest he's like a little boy stuck in a 24 year-old-body. He has the heart the size of the moon but the man, he keeps, me on my toes, whenever we go shopping it's straight up like (puppy-eyes and all...) "can I pick a treat for being a good husband?" I mean seriously, I laugh, how can I say No, I don't. His ideas of a "treat" is a new tool, which is easy enough, he always wins, I always cave.

When we go get frozen yogurt at date night, I'm getting the cheesecake with the strawberries and graham crackers, and I'll look over and there he is, with the biggest bowl in the yogurt shop loading up on "cotton candy" flavored frozen ice cream, with sprinkles, gummy worms, and maybe the occasional sour patch kid. HE IS, the very reason why we stay young heart-ed in our relationship.  

8 years of dating, almost 3 years of marriage, and this man still surprises me! I'm so thankful for his child like heart, most days. So today I put a box of goodies together for him, all his favorites, snickers, hubba bubba, cotton candy flavored hard candies. I put this little box by his night stand for a surprise when he get home tonight. I just lined the inside of a box leftover from something I ordered, lined the inside with polka-dot paper I had laying around, threw some tissue paper at the bottom. This would be super easy to create with your husband or significant others favorite treats or candies!


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I'm sharing these "party animals" over at Mom's Best today,
Seriously this little minis were so fun to make they would be fun to make them with your kiddos or for your kiddos! I just took gold spray paint to plastic animals, added a mini paper "party" hat to each one, put a little tag on them and done! Super fun, you can read more here.

Plus did I mention that you can download the tag over there? Yup, party animals tags!
Do you have any fun crafts planned for your kiddos for valentines day? I so miss making little valentines boxes at school! By far my favorite thing to make when I was a kid.

Happy crafting + DIY'ing!


Saturday, January 24, 2015

 So you know how I mentioned I always some how forget to make my husband treats for Valentine's Day? Guess what? Not this year, like every day, ok just the last 3 days I've surprised him with some treats, maybe a little year, but heck WHY not surprise him every once in a while until Valentines? 

I picked up some baked muffins from the grocery store, placed with in a clear cupcake container, printed this tag (added some gold foil to the edges), through some confetti on his nightstand, and a little breakfast surprise, I swear best way to a mans heart is by giving him food treats, right?

Confetti (always optional)

Print, Foil the edges, Assemble, now SURPRISE! 


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

So I admit, when it comes to valentines day I'm so stinkin' busy putting together crafts + content that when Valentines Day get's here I'm sooooooo over it, but whoa not this year, this year I'm prepping early, just practing my dooms-day prepping, ya know? Kidding, but I picked up these Mountian Dew "Throw Backs" at my local Walmart market, k, side note: I'm obsessed with these new Walmart Markets, clean, friendly and good prices. but I believe you can pick these up anywhere.

Anyways here what you need, are you ready? It's super easy.
Mountain Dews
This printable tag
Straw - totally optional

Print that puppy (printable) out, cut, attach it to your mountain dew. Ps these some in a case, which would be super cute to give your hubby a case of mountain dew's
but seriously, I needed a drink while making these so hence why mine are no longer in a case....

Happy crafting! and just remember don't forget the hubs on Valentines Day


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I would be lying to you if I said I hadn't already started thinking about Valentine's Day...
Yes that's right, I started, maybe a month early but seriously I love this holiday, actually as I get older I think that I enjoy this holiday far more than any other, I mean does my birthday count as a holiday? If not, than Valentines Day is my favorite! I'm totally a sucker for all the mushy-gushy-lovey-dovey stuff, it totally has my name ALLLL over it. 

So to kick off this holiday I started Saturday morning making mini pink donuts for my hubs in bed,
Well actually he woke up and walked out to the kitchen and I was smack dab in the middle of making these, SPOILER alert, but he loved these tasty little treats! I'm sharing these over over at Mom's Best
And you can add rock candy to the top + print the printable and ta-da you have a treat!

Happy Valentines Day craft!  
And thank you all for the kind words and messages from my previous post, seriously my heart is so incredibly full!


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hey guess what you are tough, no really you are...

So today, I'm about to get all personal up in here, so if you don't like it, skip this post. But today, man today is just ONE of those days, like could like just give you moment, just one tiny itty bitty break? If so sign me up for one of those breaks, like a tropical drink break, But aside from my mini pitty party I just threw for myself... in 2011 my sweet husband was diagnosed with MS, multiple sclerosis, It's where your own immune system attacks your body and causes "multiple scars" on the brain, you know...just little nerve damaging scars on your brain, these scars cause irreversible nerve damage. These nerve damages cause numbness in the limbs, loss of sight, loss of mobility for weeks-months. Keep in mind, I have this manly-man husband who is an electrician, he works with primary his body + brain, so he uses all these part, hands, eyes, legs, I mean everything.

So we like to pretend around here that he doesn't have MS, no really we do, we're really good at it.
Until something happens, like he can't see or walk, than our entire world turns upside down and we are so humbly reminded that he has this debilitating disease, 3 weeks ago he told me he couldn't see, after a serious 3 rounds of IV infused steroids, he was feeling better, but than today he called me again and told me he can't feel his leg & that is dragging he has no control over it. All I thought of is seriously he just barely recovered from his eye damage and foot numbness... No way it can be happening all over again? But it did, he gets so frustrated not being able to use his limbs, and I completely understand why, I would be too!

I mean seriously can you imagine  being able to use your legs, and the next day wake up and you can't? How absolutely terrible. SO day I share this not because I want anyone to feel bad, no absolutely not, we learned how to deal with it, but to say, everyone is going through their own trials and even when life has somehow swallowed you up, you are TOUGH, you are ENOUGH, you can do it, every single minute of the day, you can do it.

Do me a favor, watch this incredible video.


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Today I'm somewhere in the mindset of the tropics, like a beach, and sunshine.
That could be due to the -20 degree windchill around here... although I would love 
to be at a beach drinking a fruity little cocktail, I'm just making tropical flamingo cookies,
MUCH easier on 'ol pocket book... so I stood over my toasty oven baking these little loves
And sharing them over at Mom's Best, you can find my recipe (which is easy & delicious), tips,
frosting recipe + tips on how to decorate them! So if you're like me just do your wallet a favor
and bake these babes instead! Happy cookie decorating & staying warm.

Full tutorial + recipes over here, at Mom's Best.

2014 RECAP.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hey, better late than never, right? I'm just now getting to this.
But man, oh man, what an amazing year this has been! I'm so incredibly grateful for all of the opportunities I've had this year, this year this little blog/side blogging has brought me so many opportunities, of which I am so grateful for! I'm so honored to be featured on several websites, I started this little blog as an way to fulfill my creative side, growing up in a house were your mom was an avid crafter, that sold her crafts on the side, and your dad built home, the opportunity for be to express my creative side was always around, my imagination was my best friend.

Growing up the youngest, my siblings were always "too cool" to be hanging out with me,
so that left me and my wild imagination. I would play for hourrrrsss, than I would go to my moms gaint crafting room than craft for hours; clay, paint, fabric you name it, it had my name all over that.
My parents never told me no, by the age of 11 I was cutting out wood figures from the bandsaw, supervised of course. But nothing remained untouched, I guess that why when it comes to anything DIY i'm absolutely fearless, of course I've had too many fails, but some good outcomes too. Those are the ones that keep me going, of course. I'm grateful for all the things that have lead me here, to this spot, to working in the design field by day + blogging everything else my crazy mind comes up with on the side. So to recap this year, I'm so grateful for opportunities that have lead and keep me blogging, crafting, and party-ing.

Thank you all for sticking with me, reading, following, and encouraging!
Here's 2014 Project recaps! I'm ready to embrace 2015 with open arms, bring. it. on.

all projects + events can be found and directly link through my events tab.