Tuesday, May 27, 2014

This weekend was amazing, good food, family, laughs, relaxing, projects,
We are so blessed to have so much family and we threw our first BBQ,
I admit I was so nervous, it was my husbands first time smoking ribs & brisket
But it turned out great! And I, in my typical party throwing fashion turned this into a party.

Fresh peonies from my garden, paint jars, paper plats + utensil kits, mini potted succulents.
So easy simple, and inexpensive, which is good for entertaining a large crowd!

I made popsicles, cherry limade, popsicles with sprite poured over the top.
So fun, everyone loved it, except I clearly should have made more they were a hit. 

You can read how to make those painted jars, on the previous post, easy and only $7
They were beautiful for our centerpiece and took up lots of room.
My husband made two tables from an old fence, he added some 2x4 to the end 
and added wood post, I stained them and voila free rustic picnic tables, just like that.

We also hung round outdoor patio lights, so when the sun went down we plugged them in.
Perfect, the weather was perfect, the lights and candles were perfect and the company, ah so good!

Ah, and of course there's a picture of those Popsicle drinks, please make them!

How to:
Can of frozen Limade
Cherry Grenadine

Open the can of limade, mix 1 cup of water.
Pour Grenadine in the bottom of the Popsicle mold with cherries,
Add Cut limes, just push them towards to bottom.

Freeze for 4 hours. Voila Done, so yummy! 
Happy Summer and BBQ season



Thursday, May 22, 2014

Guess who loves holiday weekends? Me!
And Mike & I decided to throw a little family BBQ,
we have lots of family, and we are so lucky to live by them all! 

Since we're having lots of people over, I'm liking the idea of EASY and cheap.
I picked up those darling jars from my dollar store, $7 for 12 jars! SOLD.
My peonies are blooming their little heads off and they will be perfect in those jars.

Here's how I painted my jars:

Acrylic Paint (just the cheap $1 ones from Hobby Lobby)
Rustoleum's Metalic Gold Spray Paint

-Add some paint directly to the INSIDE of the jars.
-Use foam brush to coat the inside of the jar, if your paint is thick, add some water.
-Occasionally checked the jars and move or shake paint around the jar to make sure it doesn't settle.

Spray Paint
-Tape off the outside of the jar, where you'd like. Or shoot, spray the entire thing, go for it!
- Spray the outside of the jar, flip upside down, lid side down, to let dry

That's it! Each cheap center pieces for the BBQ for $7!

Oh and I put together those cute little utensil kits with these items:

Napkins- via the dollar store $1
Wood Utensils- via Amazon or Sucre Shop
Glassine Bags- via Sweet Estelle
Kraft Stickers- via Knot & Bow
Berry Baskets- Via SucreShop
Flags- via me! download them here

Oh those little flags! You can download them here, I made them. & glue them to wooden skewers.

Fold the napkin, add the utensils, throw the cute sun burst star sticker on the outside.
These are so cute for a center piece on the plate, plus all disposable. 


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

 Welcome baby Gemma Nichole.

We got to meet the sweetest baby Gemma,
we are smitten, we just absolutely love her!
and loved welcoming her into this crazy family
My darling sister has the cutest babies, I swear they are PERFECT!

I got to go down and take new born photos of that sweet babe,
And although she was a over them for the most part,
this sweet picture captures it all, so exhausting!
because being a newborn is tiring, ya know?

I'm sharing tips over at  Mom's Best Network
on how to take simple easy newborn pictures.
Head over there to read the WHOLE sha-bang.

ps you maybe need to invest in a "real camera"
but trust me it's worth it, if i cant learn how to use it

Mom's Best Network tutorial + tips Over here!


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hey there, did you head over to Mom's Best Network
to download these darling pinwheels and make them!
Super easy! and darling, trust me you need to make them
for fun or with your kiddos, easy, simple & fool proof!
So hurry over to Mom's Best Network

and get your PIN-WHEELIN' on!

tutorial + printable are over there!

Good Luck and happy summer!
I'll be planting away & preping for memorial picnic!


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I finally go around to painting this, only 7 month later.
Haha, sometimes when you find a REALLY good piece of furniture that is only $20,
your inner brain says YOU need this, not want but NEED, because one day you will need that.
So after sitting in the garage for months I finally painted it.

Here's some quick before pictures...

The color I used is by Pittsburgh Paints called Salmon Pink, how fitting.

1st I sanded the dresser, the top, sides and the part of the face of the drawers
2nd I spray primed the primer, just Rustoleam primer
3rd I rolled the Salmon Pink paint on, since I did it outside on a windy day it only took about a half hour to dry.

That's it, this was a quick project, I cant believe I waited this long to do it, super easy.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hey there, head over to Mom's Best Network to see more of these photos!
I put together this fun little picnic for Mom's Best and of course my own mom,
You can read and see all the details over there!

Kraft boxes, striped straws, pink glassine bags, bakers twine via Sweet Estelle
Tassel Garland via Glam Fete
DIY gold foil glasses tutorial via Me, Just read the post down below
Hexagon Platters, napkins via Meri-Meri
Party Hats, Noise Makers, Plastic Gold Rim Cups via Oh Joy for Target

Happy Mothers day to all you wonderful mothers who sacrifice to much!!
Enjoy the day!