Babe's First Swan Birthday

Thursday, December 29, 2016

tassel garland: GlamFete Swan Cookies: Domestique Bakery  party supplies: Kate Aspen

We celebrated our baby's first birthday a few weeks ago! Boy quickest year yet! Since she's our winter baby we decided to go with a princess swan party! We knew we were having lots of family over so we needed to keep this buffet style, and you guys, we live in a pretty small house so we had to rearrange our entire furniture JUST to get enjoy chairs for everyone to sit. We even brought in our outdoor chairs! It was great all the family who came and celebrated our sweet baby turning 1! 

I made the balloon garland with these balloons, added these, a few hot pink ones, and a few small clear, we used a compressor to fill them up and added them to this balloon tape, it was super easy! We used a majority of the tape, but it made making a balloon garland SO easy in just 45 minutes! 

Happy Birthday to our Baby Girl, which I'm still in denial that shes a toddler now!

Babes 1st Christmas List

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine 

Hey guys, today I'm rounded up all my favorites + what we got Charlie for Christmas
Since she was only 20+ days old on her first Christmas this year is big for us, like we got out the tree (maybe a little smaller one but still counts), and other Christmas decorations. I was so excited to shop for her this year! And we picked up all these during black friday or just recently on sale so it's a win win! A few nights ago she took a few steps towards us, just a few, but I'm sure in the next few month she'll be walking. So we got something that she could push (for now), she got that cute shopping cart for her birthday, and some boots she can wear in a few months! And I have to be honest we haven't bought her a stocking yet, so I'm putting her stocking gifts in her hunter boots! 

She also wears pig tails all the time, so adding a simple cute bow is a must, and that bow pack is just too cute! A book for reading - she loves just flipping through the pages. Mon Petit shoes for easy walking, they are so soft, we actually got the rose gold pair. I picked up the cutest clothes from Cottonon, the mermaid shirt is by far my favorite. Fun cloud shaped floor cushions for her playroom!

I also picked up a few hair of these cute pineapple hair clips + straw sippy cups like this one.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Happy Happy Birthday to our baby girl! 
Seriously, where did the last year go, we're not really sure? 
We brought home a little 8 lb 13 ounce baby girl, and somehow she turned into this big girl who loves to sing, say "uh oh", giggle when dad comes home, eat gold fish like no ones business, and drinks from a straw. Seriously. This girl fills our world. But let me tell you she is strong willed, so my biggest birthday wish is that she doesn't ever lose that. This world is tough, so she's going to need every ounce of feisty, opinion that shes got, I have no doubt that she'll hold her own ground. She got a lot of her dad in her but one day I'm going to be thankful for that! My biggest birthday wish for her is to know that it's okay to fail, failure brings success, to always trust your gut, to never get discouraged... because baby girl the world is your oyster! 

Happy 1st Birthday sweet baby girl! I'll be sharing her swan party here in a bit!