Friday, May 17, 2013

How fun is this wallpaper dresser?!
After my dresser sat in the garage all winter I finally painted it
& just recently added wallpaper to outside of the drawers.
& boy-oh-boy do I love the outcome!

It definitely hides those ugly drawer sides that 
I see every time I or the hubs opens the dresser. 

Here's a little quick tutorial on how I did this. 
My total cost for this was $25, I ordered the wallpaper 
as samples from, the samples are only $5 a peice
So i ordered 4 24x12 samples, you may need more or less
depending on how large or small your dresser is.


you'll need some scissors & your wallpaper & some water
the wallpaper comes prepased to all you have to do it run 
the glue side under the water - as easy as that!

take the drawer out & lay the wallpaper over it so it aligns
& fold/crease the paper where the edges hit
cut the folded edges off

run the backside of the prepased wallpaper under the sink
(do not get the front side- the side with the design- wet)
for only a few seconds & make sure the corners get wet

line up the wallpaper on the drawers
if you dont align it perfectly the first time no worries
the wallpaper has some movability to it before drying 

put your drawer back in after a couple minutes of drying 
& voila! finished. yes it was really that easy.

 if your dresser glides are on the side of your dresser - this project may be a little trick-er
my glides/track just happened to be at the bottom so this was easy,
I had a question: "wont the wallpaper rip & tear off when you open the dresser?"
NO it will not! The dresser has 1/2" space on each side of the drawer so it 
does NOT touch the sides of the dresser at all.

Also use a credit card or a smooth surface to flatten out the wallpaper 
when applying it to the sides of the drawers to get any unwanted wrinkles out

The project could be cute also on the back side of a piece of furniture that is visible
or I happened to use my left over wallpaper to line the inside of my acylic tray
that sits on the top of my dresser, it ties in with the drawer sides.



  1. I finally found the pattern used:

    1. Thanks so much for this great project! I am glad you are enjoying the wallpaper design.

  2. Oh yes, forgot to say...........this is my Jungle Passion design.

  3. I noticed that on this website the wallpaper used is fabric, what fabric style did you use?

  4. Very cute! I have an Art Deco dresser with 3 drawers that slide in with railings underneath. There is not much space on the sides so would the wall paper get scratched or rip?

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  6. Thank you so much! I've been looking everywhere for cute wallpaper to use on my dresser and your blog has been so helpful.

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