baby update + bookcase.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

We're counting down the days, literally counting, perhaps we should have made a paper chain and remove a strip of paper every time we pass a day. Seriously, I feel like it's so fast but so slow at the same time. Sometimes days drag out, others pass by so quickly I barely know when the weekend is here yet. But we're finishing up projects, checklists, and most importantly naping while we can. My sweet, sweet husband decided to completely renovate our basement bathroom, I mean trenching plumping, new stud walls, the whole works, so I'm hoping we can have some drywall framed walls up before she gets here but just in case she doesn't we have her bookcase ready to go!

Yes, the bookcase, filled with fun books, cars, cat statues, wiener dog bookends, dollhouse selves, & glittered fox garlands. You can shop all the details right down here... 

p.s. this babe still doesn't have a name but we do know her last name, haha that's a given, so if you're wondering about the "M" that's her last name.

DIY Tassel Cake Topper

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Today I'm over at BeSpoke Bride share this super fun DIY cake topper! 
I mean you can make this bad boy for only $5, that's a pretty good deal if you ask me! You can read the full tutorial over here. Be sure to check out their fun website for all you trendy brides or brides to be out there.  Take a break from all the Halloween posts & indudge in something that fun for all year around! I'm itching to decorate for christmas, since the babe will be here soon, but I'm trying to calm my nesting-ness by creating some fun things for after christmas.

Happy Tassel making over there! 

H&M Cute Finds.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Rounding up some of my favorites from H&M. Did you know that you can shop online at h&m and have it shipped directly to your home? No, it doesn't get better than that! I just stopped on over today to see what's new in their winter collect + kids home collection. So many cute choices! These just happen to be some of my favorites, & I'm picking up a few, adding them do my cart & getting free shipping! Yes, she needs another dress, but that little dollhouse shelf is what I have my eye on + bunny basket. It may be too soon for easter, okay like 6 months too soon, but her little easter basket from the easter bunny would be so cute in that, so I picked it up + adorable storage.

Happy shopping + don't forget to get free shipping!

DIY baby bow headwrap

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Today I'm sharing these darling baby bow headwraps over at Mom's Best!
Seriously, I'm in serious nesting mode over here, and my husband has been absolutely wonderful with keeping the house up, doing the dishes, making the bed, cleaning the floors, okay the list goes on, but since he;s been so good at doing this I've had a chance to do some last minute DIY's + errand running. Okay she doesn't need one more sleeper but in my mind I keep thinking that she does... but I'm sharing these darling little head wrap tutorial! So while I nest away over here, read how to read make these, so easy! I made these head bows for $6, that's all! 5 bows, so worth it, you need these, now i'll just wait for her to get here so we can try these out.

Visit here for the full tutorial!

Purrrr-fect Cake Party

Friday, October 16, 2015

It's Fri-YAY! Can you believe another week has passed us by? So hard to believe sometimes!
But this Halloween Kitty Cat party is over at Mom's Best, plus be sure to go check out my darling nieces, and there's 2 free printables! 1 a cat mask from Hello Tosha + a cat garland (as seen in the photos) printable! So go get your meow on & download those fun freebies for your Halloween mantle or your Halloween party!

Party supplies via: Always Lou Design
Cat Mask Printable: Click here
Headband + Bows: Lalapop Design

Halloween Costume Favorites

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Although our sweet baby girl isn't here yet, & yes at our growth ultra sound I was that crazy mom-to-be that asked the ultra sound tech to double check to make sure it really was a girl, I had this slight fear that I designed this little pink nursery & stuffed her drawers full of pink ruffle-y clothes... and I would be mistaken. We are completely smitten with a baby so either boy or girl we are still so in love with this tiny human, but poor boy, I would hate to bring him home in a pink floral hat + bow headband, and pink sleeper. Anyways long story short, we're on the single digit count down. I mean seriously someone pinch me. This journey has been incredible, so truly grateful for it!

So I completely have costumes + halloween on the brain! Maybe it's because I just got done throwing a cute cat party for my little nieces but the outfits out there are seriously adorable! I put together a list of my absolute favorites, I mean the swan princess + cotton candy are running a close first place and runner up! So if you have an infant this year or are planning for one next year be sure to check out these + wait for the clearance sale and stock up and save of her outfit for next year!

Happy Halloween & stay tune for our little cat party, I mean you're going to die when you see my darling nieces in their cat masks, okay, I may be a little biased....

Click the "+" button for the link + the price of the item.