Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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We've started our kitchen remodel, well really it started a few weeks ago, 
but now we're tearing things out, adding new cabinets, & making some serious progress...
Phew, and all of the "materials" are ordered minus the stainless steel hood, the husband says that's last.
I've always dreamed about a white kitchen so, here we are, starting to work on it! 

So here's our plans:
- strip, sand, infill the wood grain, prime, & paint the cabinets white
- new counters
- new sink
- new faucet
- new light fixture
- tear out parts of soffit
- add crown to soffits
- paint soffit & crown
- tile the backsplash
- patch drywall
- add floating shelving

I've already moved all my food from our "pantry" cabinet into our actual pantry now, 
or as my husband calls it the food closet, haha, he hung this light in our pantry 
& all I need to do it buy these organizers & paint the inside of the "closet" pantry.

We decided to leave a majority of our soffits, because we tore into it & found a mess of events,
which include lots of wiring, yes my husband is an electrician, but he said it would be about 2 weeks 
of work to straighten out, plus they didn't drywall above the soffit, just left it open to the attic & insulation.
So it's staying, & we're painting it white & adding crown and other trim work above
it to make it look like it belongs.

We decided to go with Formica Calcutta Marble, while I would absolutely love real marble, 
My modest budget says otherwise, but I've done a lot of research on this & it has great reviews!
We also decided to go with the cast-iron sink, while I would have loved a porcelain apron sink,
I couldn't bring my self to spend $800+ for a sink with laminate counters, & the closest Ikea is
6+ hours way, so I'll just save that amazing sink for my dream home.

So there you have it! Somehow this remodel makes me super nervous. 
I can tuft a headboard, lay wood flooring, & put up board & batten like no ones business
But this remodel just scares me, maybe because I'm worried about painting the oak cabinets
or maybe because I just hope it meets all my expectations, & I set my expectations high for this project,
hence why we saved this big remodel for one of our very lasts.

& let's hope we don't come across random issues that could break the bank. fingers crossed.
we're trying to keep this renovation under $2,000 not including our new appliances we just bought.

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