DIY camera strap

Friday, June 28, 2013

i'm going to attempt to try  this DIY camera strap
pretty stinkin' cute huh? is it silly to make one even though 
my camera isn't even here yet? possibly.
so i may or may not have spent last night
eating ice cream & crafting away for new products on the shop.
 shhhh... another sneak peak

who doesn't love glittered bows!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

to this summer babe on the left & my brother

I love this little lady, I never knew how wonderful being an aunt truly is
her sweet personality is truly the best & watching her grow up is so rewarding
I know she will grow up to be a beautiful woman that will continue to bring so much joy into our lives

And my brother, i'm sure posting a picture of you in a swimsuit eating a popsicle isn't as cute as these two
 but with that aside  I hope you have a very happy birthday & i'm so thankful that
you are so close to us ... especially when I call you up to help with our house 
or  when mike needs a little guy time.

happy birthdays!!