Unicorn Cotton Candy

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Hello! So Guess who's turning 1 & 4? My nieces, good thing they almost share a birthday!
So being the party planner I am, maybe I deemed my self that but that's totally fine, my sister asked me to plan a party. So naturally I ask my niece what kind of party she wants, any guesses....FROZEN
So it took everything in me to convince her that a unicorn party would be soooo much cooler, let's just say she had her doubts, but have some words like, glitter, cotton candy, cookies, confetti, she was convinced, thank heavens for 3 year old attention spans! So I won, her mom won, but now I'm in charge of pulling out all the stops for this little party. We picked up unicorn tee's, and some supplies are headed this way! Stay tune for all the party must have details + supplies I will be sharing to have a happy successful party!

P.S. photo steps above on how to create these little cotton candy sticks!
Here's the directions + supplies:

Hot Glue
Modge Podge
Cotton Candy (you can pick this up at an grocery in the candy isle) 

Cut your paper out into the shape of a triangle.Cut the end tip off, just a little bit. 
Now roll the paper into a cylindrical shape. Grab the glue gun & glue the edges down the "seam"
Once you have the cone glued, grab some modge podge, dip the end in than quickly dip the glued in, into glitter, let dry and ta-da done! Grab some cotton candy and stuff the top, easy peasy!

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