Party Like a Unicorn.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Just doing a a little party prep around here, and as I was gathering party supplies for this little party I saw this cute little pink boxes, order them with these cute little unicorn toppers and packaged them up! I thought these little "party like a unicorn" boxes would be perfect for for the kiddos for the party. Instead of having a cookie cutter in each box I will be making unicorn cookies, which could be easily swapped out for the cookie cutter, same with the cupcakes!

This box literally takes minutes to assemble and if you happen to make a couple items (cotton candy sticks, cookies) that means this box comes in under $5 each. That makes these cuties super affordable, if you know an little girls in your life, they would probably love this! Happy gifting or party favoring!

So friends, Party Like A Unicorn!, or at least share the gift of partying like a unicorn!


  1. This is adorable! I know a few non kiddos in my life that would also like this!

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