Thursday, March 12, 2015

Guys, let me tell you, vacation is super nice, ok really nice, but dang....
the harsh reality of going back to life, just kind of slaps you in the face, I feel like I'm all over the place, like trying to find some common ground like my mind running 1,000 miles an hour but not making sense. Anyways enough about my scatter brain lately. Here's a little summery of our trip, we packed it up and fly to Phoenix, if you haven't go, go, but seriously now I know why all the "older" people love it, I myself living in a state where we get ALL four seasons (it's a love hate relationship) I would easily pack it on down to Arizona in the winter, no questions asked, because seasonal depression around here is no joke, it's real, and overrated.

We had such a blast! Renaissance fair, which they take very seriously down there, waffle trucks, Gilbert Temple, palm trees, late night hot tub, gorgeous pink + orange sunsets, more good food, flea market, rock shopping, just shopping, just basking in the sunshine. It was a great 5 days! Oh, and friends I ever threw in a selfie of the hubs and I, cactus selfie!

But I'm back and I absolutely promise I have some fun things in store, so stay tuned!

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