Birthday Party Magnet Board.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Magnet board//Lindie and Co

Hello there! Today I'm sharing these awesome magnet boards from Lindie and Co
if you haven't heard of them, check out all these amazing board options here, the absolutely best part about these boards are that they are completely customize-able, yes! You can pick your own finished + working, but let's be honest, I love the combos they already have. So in typical party loving style, I put together a DIY Party Magnet board! Yes how awesome is that, if you don't have time to throw a party, than just assemble everything on this party board, and voila now your kiddos or hubby is feeling the birthday love + surprise. Grab some party hats, sprinkes, cake topper, party horns, pretty paper straw or anything that just screams party that you have laying around the house and celebrate!

I'm sharing all the product + more photo over at Mom's Best, be sure to make your loved ones feel special this year for their birthday. P.S. once the party is over now you can fill this gorgeous magnet board with photos, and other memory goodies!

Stay tune to see Part 2 of the possibilities with these board!


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