Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Guys, I'm so like-holiday-ed-out, I'm not sure if I should stop and celebrate thankgiving
Just to clean it up the next day just to decorate for christmas or just skip it entirely,
Seriously I'm a little torn..but feeling slightly overwhelmed, could time just stop.
Actually that's all I'm asking for for Christmas, too much?

Anyways I'm so grateful to be busy, and to fit 12:00 am projects into my sleeping time.
I've done a little organizing, I officially have an organized "events" tab.
Check, check, check it out. I even linked all the photo posts to it,
So it's SO worth you're time. (wink, wink)

Also, if you're looking for a new Young Women's New Beginnings Theme for (this year 2015),
I promise I'm working hard on getting it scheduled. I just have to meet with my counselors for their approval... We wont be having ours until February but in the meantime I've started a pinterest board with our theme PLUS ideas & i'll be sharing posts with DIY decorations I'll be putting together.
So in basic terms, stay tuned, it's all coming, slowly but coming.
You can find the adventure theme ideas here with the kit.

So go check out the new events tab for all goodies + the hi-res photos!

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  1. Chelsey, I love your ideas! don't get holiday-ed-out!! I'd miss all your beautiful party-ness.