Sunday, September 8, 2013

I put together this little event for the 
young women in our church.

for more photos & printables click here

We gave each girl one of these adventure kits

I saw the UP theme via here for the original idea
we happened to have our in the relief society room, 
so please don't mind the blue chairs and blue carpet, haha.

I found this cute little cloud template here 
I made cloud cutter sugar cookies & packaged them up 
& used them as a "place setting", I also made little "mini" sprinkle cupcakes.
I printed a program for a template click here, and added a staw & packed them up in these bags
I purchased the houses from here, & spray painted them each a different bright color.

I made this honeycomb garland with string & purchased the honeycombs here
beware there is a million color choices to choose from! 
I also used color cardstock & cut out circles & triangles from my cricut & glued them to string
I hand made the paper pinwheel on & glued them onto the program packs. 

Good Luck & enjoy your New Beginnings! 

2014 Young Women's In Excellence "Seek the Sweet" theme
here's a photo & click here for more photos & printable for this theme.




  1. what was in those cute adventure kits?

    1. Hello!

      Here's the link to the post with the printable & what's in those kits :).


    2. Hello :)
      The link to the printables for the Adventure kit is not working. It comes up as an error everytime. Is there another way that I could access the templates?
      Thank you!!

  2. Where did you get your garlands? Ps..we are so using this for our new beginnings..thanks sooo much for making it so cute!

    1. hello!

      Thank you! I cut our circles and triangles on my cricut (you could cut them by hand) on different colors of card stock. Than I glued them to string, easy as that! :)

      Good Luck with your New Beginnings!

  3. Hi again, Chelsea,

    I've downloaded the printables (thank you, they are awesome!). What part of them did you use for the program? Thanks so much!

    1. hello again!

      I used the printables in the adventure kit. I set each adventure kit at every young womens place setting. Towards the end of the program we just reminded the girls that "adventure awaits, so it's up to them to make the most of it, & to use the adventure kit to help them along the way". You could pass them at towards the end instead :)

  4. Hi Chelsey,

    Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with all of us. You are amazing! I'm copying your UP New Beginnings. It is so awesome! I tried ordering the houses but they are sold out. I'm on an email list when more arrive. We have another ward in our stake that did this same idea so we are borrowing some houses from them. They only had 3. Do you know anyone that lives in the Salt Lake area that we could borrow some houses from if they don't get more in?



    1. Hello, I''m just wondering where u got the boxes for the kit? Thank you!

    2. hello!
      I purchased mine through here:

      If your looking for a smaller amount try!


    3. Shauna-

      Thank you for your kind words! I don't know anyone from the Salt Lake area, shoot sorry! It looks like Hobby Lobby has more in stock & they are on-sale this week!


  5. This is so cute! We are using a lot of it. Thank you so much for sharing. I am looking for the houses, where did you find those?

    1. Hello! The houses were purchased through Hobby Lobby.

  6. What size of honeycombs did you order? Do you remember?