DIY Thankful Banner + Round Robin

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Today I'm honored to be featured in a round robin craft 
with an amazing group of talent bloggers, We're sharing our favorite fall craft
over at Mom's Best, well technicaly I'm share two crafts, a Thankful jar + this banner.
This banner is perfect for a fire place, or above your thanksgiving table scape 

Here's how to make this fun adore banner + the printable. Click here for the printable here & here.

On the backside of your printable, use your pencil and create a lead background, this will transfer unto you're banner, one you've created a lead background, flip the paper over and place it onto the kraft paper banner, than trace. The lead will transfer to the kraft paper.

 You can see in this photo the lead transfer background. Just make sure when you're transfering to press hard.
Now go over the lead pencil marks with a black marker, if there are any lead marks erase them.

Hang and enjoy you're "Give Thanks" banner & enjoy!

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