Playhouse House Warming Party

Friday, July 21, 2017

So we just threw Charlie the funnest kids summer party! Once we finished building playhouse we threw her, her first house warming party, we shared the party over here at Destination Nursery & all the details on supplies + links, but I just wanted to show some photos of the event + we finally put a door on the playhouse, 30 days later!

But this kids party was seriously so fun, and lets be honest any reason to have a party is a good reason! We had water balloons, pool, the playhouse, a tray with waterbeads, outdoor painting, and a slide! I have to be honest it was 101 that night with 80% humidity, so the reason why the food didn't make it out is because we ate inside, and we partied outside later when the sun was going down.

My best advice have a party in outdoor June & have lots of stations for the kids to play at!

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