Aloha retirement

Friday, June 2, 2017

So my mom just recently retired from the school district after 23+ years, holy moly! She went back to work after I headed to kindergarten, and here we are! My brother and sisters threw her a retirement party for her & her co-workers! My siblings put me in charge of decorations, and what a better way to say adios work life & aloha retirement! So we tried to keep it tropical without too much of a cheesy feel! My favorite from the entire party was the pineapples we hallowed out and put a floral arrangement in! So here's how we did it!

Step one;
Cut the top of the pineapple off, and discard.

Step two:
Using a sharp knife cut a circle around the inside of the pineapple.

Step three:

Use a knife to cut away a small portion from the top, use a spoon and knife to hallow out. Leave at least 2" of pineapple at the bottom

Step four:
Use a small plastic cup to place inside the pineapple for the fresh flowers, add water to the cup, voila

We used Sams club for the fresh pineapples they were around $2 each, we used trader joe's for the fresh florals. I filled 6 pineapples with fresh florals for around $30, I arrange the flowers ahead of time in the plastic cups, placed the hallowed out pineapples in the fridge overnight, to keep them fresh, the day of the event I pulled them out and placed the cups in the pineapple. 

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