DIY baby bow headwrap

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Today I'm sharing these darling baby bow headwraps over at Mom's Best!
Seriously, I'm in serious nesting mode over here, and my husband has been absolutely wonderful with keeping the house up, doing the dishes, making the bed, cleaning the floors, okay the list goes on, but since he;s been so good at doing this I've had a chance to do some last minute DIY's + errand running. Okay she doesn't need one more sleeper but in my mind I keep thinking that she does... but I'm sharing these darling little head wrap tutorial! So while I nest away over here, read how to read make these, so easy! I made these head bows for $6, that's all! 5 bows, so worth it, you need these, now i'll just wait for her to get here so we can try these out.

Visit here for the full tutorial!