Baby Girl.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Oh sweet baby girl, although we cant pick a name for you, we love you so much.
We recently started reading to her at nights in her room. Her dad reads and I just sit in the rocker and listen. Our love for you is incredible, I never knew I could ever love someone I've never met, but I do love you so much. So we're so close to having her little room done, seriously I leave all the doors open so I can look in when I walk by and just think. This little room is my very favorite in the entire house.

We're getting so close, just some drawers in the closet. A few decorative accents, a few shelves + frames on the wall, and we should be done. I can't wait to do the full bedroom reveal over at Mom's Best + a little rumor has it a giveaway will be included! Stay tune!

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