Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sometimes it's funny ya know? I throw kids parties & I don't have kids!
I have the worlds most darling nieces ever, but there 2 1/2 hours away from us,
haha, aside from that this can TOTALLY, absolutely be fore adults too, am I right?
I put this little party together, more photo are featured over at Mom's Best

I collaborated with Hello Tosha Prints those DARLING cat masks,
+ Tosha included a downloadable cat bandit mask, so fun, which can be found here!
Sweet Estelle, which has the best party selection, & Glam Fete for that darling garland.
My best kept secret for throwing in party is using the dollar section at target or your local dollar store,
I grabbed the plates, napkins, scallop buckets, spiders, milk bottles (were $3 for 2 bottles),
little plastic cauldrons (than I used a chalk marker to write names, as a place setting marker)
I gathered all those supplies from target! Yes, target in a total pinch came through, & all for a dollar!
So my point at the end of the day is NEVER under estimate the power of the dollar section!
You can read more of the details + tips I share over at Mom's Best!

View more photos over here at Mom's Best
Happy Halloween to you + all your little kiddos!

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