Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Today I'm over here at Mom's Best sharing my DIY tufted headboard.
This has been the easiest headboards we've made yet! 
We conquered his bad boy in 1 hour, it's a personal record for us,
Since the last headboard took 6 hours of tufting, drilling, pulling, tieing, cutting,
The secret is screws + washers, right screwing fabric who would have thought?
After reading Jen's post we gave it a shoot! Amazing. 

And the rast dresser from ikea got a little makeover, 
but more on that later, go check out this post because after this headboard,
I'm 100% sure everyone needs gold pillows + white velvet in their life.
Also so excited for KC to open their ikea, now only 2 hours away!

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