Saturday, November 30, 2013

Since its the month of thankful-ness I have so much to be grateful for.
Here's what I'm Thankful For.

1. My hubby, this is the hardest working man I know
he makes me laugh everyday. I'm thankful for his determination.

2. My family, seriously I know everyone thinks they have the 
BEST family, but I promise you I really do.

3. Modern medicine, since my hubby was diagnosed with MS,
I'm thankful for the medicine that slows down his body's relapses.

4. My happy home, I do love my little gray home on the corner,
I just love spending time with the hubs remodeling it.

5.  My education, I'm thinkful for the schooling I received in design,
it's opened my eyes to a new world that is so inspiring.

6. My knowledge of the gospel, I'm so thankful for 
being raised in the church & for the gift of eternal families.

7. My love for christmas spirit, I inherited this from my mama,
she would listen to christmas music in july- no joke.

8. My wonderful creative parents, I inherited there unique creativity,
I'm so thankful for that, I grew up in my mom's craft room with a 
hot glue gun in my hand..& christmas music playing.

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