Saturday, May 25, 2013

love this paint color...
ekkkk.. so excited to paint a night stand this color.
it's called salmon pink by pittsburg paints..
it paint & primer in one in satin finish but i also love high gloss,
but i'm love the paint & primer in one because the paint 
is a lot thicker & covers better (we used it for our entire upstairs)
I highly recommend trying it for either furniture or walls

also i'm going to try this whole wax thing..
i've been reading about it lately & it helps give the furniture
a soft finish look when it's done  + its good for heavy use
 & easy application just apply with a rag/sock after painting. 

& we also got my chandelier hung in my office.
yay progress on the office, now onto wallpapering my closet & adding shelves!

happy weekend!