Tuesday, April 23, 2013

happy birthday to this beautiful mama also known as one of my favorite sisters
(yes, I have two favorite sisters) 
It just seems like the other day you were harassing... me always pinching
my baby pinky finger and squishing my nose (I blame my squishy nose on you to this day)
with all the aside.. your a beautiful mother & a wonderful sister & best friend to have
I hope you have a wonderful day & enjoy spending the day with your gorgeous babies,
& make sure that they at least take you out for ice-cream 

ps your still looking good for being 30! 
don't worry no one can see your barely-there wrinkles ;)

 & i'm so blessed & thankful for these wonderful siblings!

1 comment:

  1. Im officially in the 30 club! thanks for the wonderful post and taking the time out of your busy day for me!! and yes, you will always be scarred from the pushing of fingers and nose!!! thanks for being amazing!