Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ah, finally a better photo of the fire place.
We were able to build this fire place ALL for $50.
Super awesome, right?

 I just showed my dad a picture of the mantle on the left
 & he built me one almost identical, just based off the picture.

o,  i wanted to put tile around the fire place
like on the photo on the left but my space is pretty limited
and we were afraid it would get too wide.
we just bought 1 sheet of MDF from Menards $35
& this stuff my dad calls "ship lap" $15
its really just primed tongue & groove planked 6" wide wood.
& than I painted the fire place with Pittsburgh Paints Delicate White.
it's so white that they added more white to the already white paint.
crazy huh? told you i have a white fetish.
 we're using the same white for our trim & it's on our doors.
semi-gloss finish-it makes it easier to wipe off & clean. 

o, ps. please don't mind that we still don't have base board.

 i'm currently loving all these accessories for under $60.
I'm thinking I may need to add a couple of these to my mantle.
& of course there all white. 

here's the links below.
1.faux fan coral
2.ceramic horse head figurine 
4.honeycomb vase

one last before & after.

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  1. Love it! Do you mind me asking what material the black section of your fireplace is made out of?

    We are building a home and we had our builders leave that area blank because I wasn't in love with the tile selections they offered. I was thinking black but am unsure what type of material to go for. My email is

    I appreciate your help.

    1. Hey Jenny!
      Thank you so much, I tried emailing, however the email got kicked back to me, bummer! The black around the fire place is actually just part of the fire place (it's a gas fire place that was just purchased from a local home store like homedepot or menards)but If you like the look of that I do know that they make powder coated metal that would you could use around the fireplace that would withstand the high heat! Will your fireplace be gas or real?