Thursday, February 13, 2014

A little LOVE for my sweet hubby,
I made these little glitter marquee letters for a sweet set up for the hubs.
Oh, and some yummy cupcakes, I set this up on the mantle so that in the morning
before he went to work he would see this sweet little surprise. 

Here's how I made the letters:

Glitter Paper
This template-if you don't have a cricut

Step 1: I cut the letters out on the cricut, but it you happen not to have one here's a template
Step 2: Than I cut the rest of the glitter out in strips
Step 3: Hot glue and wrap the strips around the letters
Step 4: Hint, fold & crease the paper around edges, it makes for a cleaner look.

I taped mine to the mantle but I'm sure a tack would work good too.

We're off the spend the rest weekend with our sweet little nieces.
Cosmetic bowling is calling our names

Happy Valentines Day! 

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