Monday, February 24, 2014

oh, yeahhhh, those mini bundt cake are going to make a come back. 
yeah-yeah bundt cakes remind us of our elderly neighbor next door, but
these are SO much cuter than the old lady version that never gets ate at thanksgiving dinner.
I'm sharing this recipe over at Mom's Best it's delicious, with a yummy lemon glaze that's to die for
So go out buy your self a mini bundt cake pan, and have these at your next party!

Best part about these mini cakes, you can decorate them however the heck you please.
So go crazy, sprinkles, cake bunting, candles, and download these cute flags I made while your at it. 

Flag download: via here
Recipe:  over at Mom's Best 

p.s. i'll be doing some more fun things with these, stay tuned

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