Tuesday, December 16, 2014


As if you guys aren't so sick of frozen already,
Or maybe you've heard it in the background on repeat for the last 7 days in your house,
Either way, I'm sure you guys are VERY familiar with frozen, a strong emphasis on the very
Anyways so the cute girl that does my hair asked me to put together a frozen party
for her sweet little girl + niece so within the next few weeks I'll be posting
some DIY's + details, so if your throwing a party stay tuned!

I looked all over for snow wands, holy moly, pricy little wands! 
So I grabbed some wood dowels, rhinestones, and picked up glitter snowflakes,
I found all these items at my local hobby lobby, I'm sure any craft store would carry them,
I painted the wood dowels white, adhered the snowflake + rhinstones & added a ribbon,
Super easy and the totaly cost for 12 wants was $10, that less than a dollar for each 
"Elsa" wand, perfect, affordable and much cuter than the faux metal ones!
I'll be sharing the DIY photobooth props next..

P.s. incase you're like me, and somehow missed this memo .....
just a friendly reminder, or quick panic moment.....

Thursday, December 11, 2014



I'm over here at Moms Best, sharing this DIY cookie decorating party!
I love how it turned out, and I cant wait for my sweet little nieces to get here,
so we can decorate and enjoy all the yummy treat and have fun letting their little creativity go.
I'm sharing tips + all the details over here, & their more photos over there, wahoo.
If you have kiddos or guests coming over, be sure to throw this party.

Happy Christmas cookie party!

Monday, December 8, 2014


How is possible that it's the time of year again?
Time for another New Beginnings, I went back and forth this year on a theme,
But than I saw this.. and it inspired it all, I'm taking a much simpler route this year,
A waffle party, and focus on our girls not "Waffling" on their personal progress & goals,
Making priorities rather than just putting it aside. Program to come in the near future.

After I pick a theme I like to make sure I have a general idea of how I can tie,
it all together and making sure that it all makes sense, while still be consistant so,
here's a little inspo. board on what I'm thinking on using for decorations,
You can see all the details over here on my pinterest board it includes
links to all the individual products if you choose to go this route.

Stay tune I'll be posting more details + ideas + a free printable invite for you to use!
Similar to this Up Themed YW new beginnings theme we did a couple years ago....

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Hello, I'm just inlove with my new cricut explore,
seriously every night I rush home just to see what I can cut out,
It's addicting, but if you don't have one, pretty please, do your self a favor.. GET one
So I put together these little DIY christmas cookie decorating boxes in prep for the
christmas cookie party, aren't they just so fun? Perfectly fitting since this weekend
we are doing our annual christmas cookie making marathon.

But these would be perfect to give to little girls on christmas,
or before christmas as a special early present + get them to excited about helping.
I'm of course sharing all the Christmas cookie prep + party over at Mom's Best
Visit me over there to see the supplies + how to make your own kit.
+ guess what, there's more photos over at Moms Best!

I'm also sharing the scallop box template here 
(pssttt: it's located at the bottom of the post)

Happy Christmas Cookie Decorating Kit Making!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014



There's a little cookie decorating party prep going on around here.
My sweet little nieces are coming up for the Christmas weekend so lets party!
I will be sharing this photo over at Mom's Best, as usual, you can see all the details there,
I want the little girls to have lots of options, toppers, cupcakes, cutter cookies,
sprinkles, lots of frosting, little boxes and strings to put it all together in.

My sweet husband also bought me a new cricut explore, holy moly,
where has this been all my life? I'm not sure but I literally have cut every & anything,
It's like an addiction that can't stop, so I'm cutting all the toppers + boxes,
This should be a fun little party, so stay tuned for the full party pictures!

Also, how fun are those fawn cookies, that what inspired it all,
I was up until midnight cutting, and decorating fawn cookies for Thanksgiving,
You can purchase the cutter from Sweet Estelle be sure to check out her sprinkle selection,
It may just be one of the very best, If you'd like a tutorial + recipe for the cookies,
You can visit this post I shared over at Mom's Best, bake, outline, than flood.

More to come, happy holiday season, I love this time of year!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


So, I'm going to take a mini break from all the holiday shanigans to discuss this
This birthday in a box is PERFECT for sending in the mail to loved ones, friends & family..
I put this little box together a month ago when I was working with Cindy, Gilit .. we were submitting our "Start Each Day Like It's Your Birthday" themed mini party submission for alt summit,
we weren't chosen but working with them was so fun!

So here's how I put together this birthday box... the photo breaks down the supplies,
Links are listed below to be directly linked to that particular product but have fun with it,
make it your own, mix and switch things up! These would also be fun as a guest party favor box,
place once at each place setting and have your guest take them home!

Here's how to make a birthday party in a box:

Mini Glitter Flags, Mini Jar of Sprinkles, Scallop Cupcake Liners, Paper Straws, Kraft Paper Box, Hooray Washi Tape, Bags of Confetti, YAY Glitter Topper, Mini Party Hat, Color Block Utensils , 
DIY Animal Toppers Spray and attach to a skewer (see photo)

Happy Future Birthday!


Happy Thanksgiving! I wish you all a happy holiday, celebrating with loved ones,
I'm so thankful for so many incredible blessings in my life, how truly blessed i am,
I could make a list a mile long, and go on-and-on but the thing I'm most grateful for it,
my family, I'm so thankful for parents who support me, encourage me, love me, and always
push me to be better, and do better. I am so incredibly thankful for their unconditional love,
So thankful for siblings to guide me and are always there for me and
come running when I most need it, I've been so blessed with them.

I'm also thankful for my sweet husband who, continues to impress & surprise me everyday,
despite circumstances in his life, he has grown into such an amazing man, with a heart the size of Texas, I kid you not, his love for serving others is incredible, he's constantly teaching me
small humble life lessons, I am grateful for the man he's turned into, who would have
thought that 8 years ago ours lives would be like this, such a blessing.

I'm so grateful for so many other things in my life..
I'm sharing this fall/thanksgiving over at Mom's Best with Kate Aspen
A special shout out to Kate Aspen for their gorgeous decorations they supplied,
be sure to check out both Mom's Best & Kate Aspen!

Happy Thanksgiving!