Tuesday, September 2, 2014


What a great weekend, my heart is so full, as we celebrated my husbands birthday,
lots of family, laughs, great atmosphere, good food, just a great time all together.
I'm sharing his birthday bash over at Mom's Best such a great night, and those cake were amazing!
I'll be sharing my $8 "table runner" made from a drop cloth. 

The thing I love most about our house is sharing it with the ones we love.
Nothing I love more than to sit under the outdoor lights on our patio at night laughing and chatting,
Life is good, and we have so much to be grateful, especially on nights like this!

Meanwhile we have a BIG bathroom remodel we're getting ready for,
We spend all day Saturday picking out tile, getting ideas, and making plants,
Stay tuned it should be great, haha perhaps not for my wallet but a huge improvement!

Thursday, August 28, 2014


I'm just wrapping up some last minute DIY's for the husbands birthday,
I really love hosting things at our house because it makes me get things done!
And trust me I need to get things done, seriously garden beds cleaned out, mums planed,
pergola stained, fence stained, umbrella up, lights up, phew, just stuff that needs done.
I found this little bar cart in the little thrift store a couple towns over from mine.

Remember this summer party cart? Yes, same one, just modified to be a little more "manly"
There's a cute little photo of the before, and do I mean cute!
We're having the party outside, since our cute little house can't quite accommodate
both of our families! I spray painted the outdoor lights gold, put up our outdoor umbrella,
made a red striped table cloth from a drop cloth, little washi table flag toppers, these cute
little dishes, that I scripted on with a permanent marker....

I just need to fill the mini white scripted dishes with succulents!
We'll be having it outside like this BBQ we hosted a couple months ago
I'll be sharing photos after this weekend, and a very Happy Birthday to my kind sweet husband!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


So honored to be featured over at Apartment Therapy's website!
We finished this headboard in about 2 nights, note this was our first tufting experience
and since then we found a super easy way of tufting! I'll share that at the end of this post!

Its been a couple month and our headboard is holding up fabulous-ly!
Here's the tutorial on how we made out headboard, and here's a tip at the end
On how to get that tufted look so much easier!

Thank you again Apartment Therapy for sharing the tutorial!

We just finished this headboard last week, and this tip from Jen is a huge time saver!
The secret is screws + washers, right screwing fabric who would have thought?
You can read the step by step over here, here are a few photos of how to!
This is a HUGE time saver, so much better than sewing the buttons!

Here's the rest of the tutorial !
Happy tufting, next up on our list in an upholstered bench! 

Friday, August 22, 2014


or should I say alo-h-aaaa
today I'm over at Mom's Best sharing my tips + round up
of a nautical themed birthday, I love a themed birthday but the key
is not getting "too theme-y" be sure to pair some plan pieces
and, of course have fun!

Meanwhile I'm still party prepping for my husbands birthday +
finishing up some house DIY's before we have guests over!

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Oh, still party prepping around here...
Let me tell you that I love outdoor string lights,
But I hate the nasty green color, so I picked up a bottle of gold spray paint
and sprayed till my little gold heart was content, everything is better in gold, right?
So this maybe the easiest thing ever, but sooooooo worth it
Here's how I spray painted the lights

Outdoor String Lights
Rustoleum Gold Spray Paint
Cardboard (to spray on)

I removed all the bulbs, just set them off to the side
Than spray one side of the string, let it dry, spray the other
Let it dry, ta-da!

Monday, August 18, 2014


Sometimes I wonder here the weekends go?
I swear it's Friday than before I know it, it's Sunday night!
I'm trying to finish up like 10 projects all at once around the house,
and party prep for Mike's 2-4 birthday, whoop-whoop!

But party prepping is one of my favorites..
I'm just finishing up little scoops, little washi tape drink flags,
and these little cookie take-home party favors,
I downloaded the printable over here, 
 Aren't they just the cutest thing you've ever seen?
I can't wait for our guest to take home some yummy treats.

Here's the post for inspiration for his party,
To keep things on the affordable side everything will be DIY
I'm just finishing up a red striped drop cloth table cloth for $6

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Today I'm over here at Mom's Best sharing my DIY tufted headboard.
This has been the easiest headboards we've made yet! 
We conquered his bad boy in 1 hour, it's a personal record for us,
Since the last headboard took 6 hours of tufting, drilling, pulling, tieing, cutting,
The secret is screws + washers, right screwing fabric who would have thought?
After reading Jen's post we gave it a shoot! Amazing. 

And the rast dresser from ikea got a little makeover, 
but more on that later, go check out this post because after this headboard,
I'm 100% sure everyone needs gold pillows + white velvet in their life.
Also so excited for KC to open their ikea, now only 2 hours away!