Friday, April 11, 2014


Who loves a easy recipe? Me, me, me!
This is literally the easiest recipe. It's a box of cake, milk, eggs, butter & peaches.
That's it, amazed, I am! Skip the boxed cake ingredients & use these instead.

Boxed cake (any flavor)
1 1/4 Cups of Milk
4 Eggs (add one more extra egg than the box recipes calls for)
1 1/2 Sticks of Butter
Canned Peaches or Fresh

1 Tablespoon Buttermilk
1 Tablespoon Orange juice
1 Tablespoon Peach juice (from the can)
Powered Sugar about 2 cups

Mix cake mix, eggs, milk, and butter. Butter and flour the bundt cake pans. Fill the bundt cake pan 3/4 full, places peaches on the bottom, I covered the bottom of the cake batter. I baked these for 16 minutes, until they were lightly brown, let them cool, flip the pan over and gently tap the pan until bundt cakes fall out.

I made this little gold foil banner to stick on top,
just cut out a banner from google clip art & added dots & lettering.
You can find a gold foil pen at Hobby Lobby

Sunday, April 6, 2014


I love a good productive weekend!
This weekend we got a ton done on the kitchen.
We finished grouting, hung the stainless steel hood, shelving, outlets back on,
painted the pantry, that gorgeous blue color, which I was avoiding the store so I ended up mixing colors, and got that gorgeous blue, organized the pantry, cleaned the garden beds,
bought our veggie seeds for our garden....

...... Oh and......

Managed to bust the top of our glass stove, er, I mean the husband knelt on it 
and it shattered.... The entire thing. So that resulted in us going and buying a new stove.
So a new stainless steel stove is on its way to our house, even though that wasn't in the budget,
Like at all, at least we have all new, matching, appliances? There's always a bright side?

We still have some trim work to do above the cabinets,
We're going to do something like this, but we're leaving that till last
And we have one cabinet that needs a special order door, blah,

But hooray! we're making progress, and that I love.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Hello, I'm a slacker, as in like life has been super busy & I haven't had time to craft,
Well, this morning I woke up before work & hurry and got ready so I could put these together.
These little egg shell succulents! So darling & so so so easy, and by easy I mean like 15 minutes easy.
I put a set together for my window & as a gift to my sister.

Succulent (or clippings)
Egg Carton

Crack the top portion of the egg, clean the egg out with just warm water. Let dry.
I used a small spoon to place the dirt inside the egg, fill half way, add water & the succulent.
Fill the rest of the egg with dirt, and place in reused egg carton.

Aren't these just darling? I'll be adding a gold flag, tag that says happy easter, and twine!
Happy easy Easter crafting! 

Monday, March 24, 2014


1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6.

Since the hubs and I always skip each other on holidays and birthdays,
Usually we buy something for the house and call that our gift! anyone else do this?
We're going to start a little Easter tradition for our "family" meaning us,
So we're going to bake a nice little ham for our family and actually give eachother
a grown up easter basket.. this is what I picked out for him.

I probably will get the shirt, bow tie, he's been dieing for one, sunglasses,
and perhaps that AWESOME mid-century radio and clock...

Sunday, March 23, 2014


This little sweet pea turned the big THREE!
So she called me and asked me to make a purple "ta-ke" with purple "tand-les"
My heart exploded, yes of course we could have a purple party, anything for her sweet face.
So I put my party pants on and we threw her a gem themed purple party.

Everything gold and purple, with a little bit of pink of course! 
I order those cute gold diamond topper from Seventh and J , ordered honeycombs from here
and cut them into diamond shapes, make a quick little banner, and a purple gem cake, with purple donuts, and purple cupcakes. I threw some cotton candy on these sticks, and dots gold cups.
Oh and a sparkler number three for the cake, via here

We ended the nigh with a pizza party with the family and opening gifts! Just too much fun! 

See this post for the cake details.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Did you see the darling Sarah from Confetti Sunshine's donut box yesterday?!
Seriously I'm dying, it's so darling, I love her creative donut ideas over there!

Today I'm sharing mini donut sprinkles for cupcakes or cakes!
There so mini and do cute, I had so much fun making them, I think there a must.
If you happen to be throwing a donut party make sure to include these.

Here's how to make these:

Handful of Cheerios
Pink food coloring

I used store-bought frosting, I added a touch of pink food coloring, I warmed the frosting up in the microwave for a few seconds, so that it became thin.
I took each Cheerio and dunked the top portion into the icing. Than added sprinkles to some!
Let them dry for a few minutes and added them to frosted cupcakes.

Here's the donuts drying on a paper towel.

Now you have to go check out Sarah from Confetti Sunshine's donut necklace!
So darling as a favor... I absolutely adore it. go check it out!
Here's a sneak peak!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Today I'm sharing these DIY donut hats,
Remember how I teamed up with the wonderfully creative Sarah from Confetti Sunshine
We're still hosting and posting our DIY donut ideas!

Let's be honest who doesn't love a donut hat? I do!
I love a party hat & these were SO easy to make! I print this template here
Than I printined Confetti Sunshine's 4" donut template & cut it out, and glue to to my hat.

I made some fringe from tissue paper:
First cut 4" square of tissue paper, than gold the tissue and cut on the open side (not the folded)
Little strips, without cutting all the way to the top, like in this photo.
Than glue it to the top of the party hat! & add some elastic
or if you're feeling really fancy a plastic headband!

Now go run and check out Sarah from Confetti Sunshine's adorable stamped donut boxes! 
I'm adding that to my to-do list! I absolutely adore that donut box! 
I'm thinking I could use to for any occasion, seriously she's brilliant, I adore her ideas!
And maybe you'll find me making a donut stamp tonight, just maybe, okay probably!