Wednesday, January 28, 2015

So you guys know my husband right? Maybe not, but let me give you a shortened version.
He's the sweetest-most kind hearted-smartest-harworking-man, I know. But let's be honest he's like a little boy stuck in a 24 year-old-body. He has the heart the size of the moon but the man, he keeps, me on my toes, whenever we go shopping it's straight up like (puppy-eyes and all...) "can I pick a treat for being a good husband?" I mean seriously, I laugh, how can I say No, I don't. His ideas of a "treat" is a new tool, which is easy enough, he always wins, I always cave.

When we go get frozen yogurt at date night, I'm getting the cheesecake with the strawberries and graham crackers, and I'll look over and there he is, with the biggest bowl in the yogurt shop loading up on "cotton candy" flavored frozen ice cream, with sprinkles, gummy worms, and maybe the occasional sour patch kid. HE IS, the very reason why we stay young heart-ed in our relationship.  

8 years of dating, almost 3 years of marriage, and this man still surprises me! I'm so thankful for his child like heart, most days. So today I put a box of goodies together for him, all his favorites, snickers, hubba bubba, cotton candy flavored hard candies. I put this little box by his night stand for a surprise when he get home tonight. I just lined the inside of a box leftover from something I ordered, lined the inside with polka-dot paper I had laying around, threw some tissue paper at the bottom. This would be super easy to create with your husband or significant others favorite treats or candies!

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