Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hey guess what you are tough, no really you are...

So today, I'm about to get all personal up in here, so if you don't like it, skip this post. But today, man today is just ONE of those days, like could like just give you moment, just one tiny itty bitty break? If so sign me up for one of those breaks, like a tropical drink break, But aside from my mini pitty party I just threw for myself... in 2011 my sweet husband was diagnosed with MS, multiple sclerosis, It's where your own immune system attacks your body and causes "multiple scars" on the brain, you know...just little nerve damaging scars on your brain, these scars cause irreversible nerve damage. These nerve damages cause numbness in the limbs, loss of sight, loss of mobility for weeks-months. Keep in mind, I have this manly-man husband who is an electrician, he works with primary his body + brain, so he uses all these part, hands, eyes, legs, I mean everything.

So we like to pretend around here that he doesn't have MS, no really we do, we're really good at it.
Until something happens, like he can't see or walk, than our entire world turns upside down and we are so humbly reminded that he has this debilitating disease, 3 weeks ago he told me he couldn't see, after a serious 3 rounds of IV infused steroids, he was feeling better, but than today he called me again and told me he can't feel his leg & that is dragging he has no control over it. All I thought of is seriously he just barely recovered from his eye damage and foot numbness... No way it can be happening all over again? But it did, he gets so frustrated not being able to use his limbs, and I completely understand why, I would be too!

I mean seriously can you imagine  being able to use your legs, and the next day wake up and you can't? How absolutely terrible. SO day I share this not because I want anyone to feel bad, no absolutely not, we learned how to deal with it, but to say, everyone is going through their own trials and even when life has somehow swallowed you up, you are TOUGH, you are ENOUGH, you can do it, every single minute of the day, you can do it.

Do me a favor, watch this incredible video.

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