Wednesday, January 21, 2015

So I admit, when it comes to valentines day I'm so stinkin' busy putting together crafts + content that when Valentines Day get's here I'm sooooooo over it, but whoa not this year, this year I'm prepping early, just practing my dooms-day prepping, ya know? Kidding, but I picked up these Mountian Dew "Throw Backs" at my local Walmart market, k, side note: I'm obsessed with these new Walmart Markets, clean, friendly and good prices. but I believe you can pick these up anywhere.

Anyways here what you need, are you ready? It's super easy.
Mountain Dews
This printable tag
Straw - totally optional

Print that puppy (printable) out, cut, attach it to your mountain dew. Ps these some in a case, which would be super cute to give your hubby a case of mountain dew's
but seriously, I needed a drink while making these so hence why mine are no longer in a case....

Happy crafting! and just remember don't forget the hubs on Valentines Day

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