2014 RECAP.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hey, better late than never, right? I'm just now getting to this.
But man, oh man, what an amazing year this has been! I'm so incredibly grateful for all of the opportunities I've had this year, this year this little blog/side blogging has brought me so many opportunities, of which I am so grateful for! I'm so honored to be featured on several websites, I started this little blog as an way to fulfill my creative side, growing up in a house were your mom was an avid crafter, that sold her crafts on the side, and your dad built home, the opportunity for be to express my creative side was always around, my imagination was my best friend.

Growing up the youngest, my siblings were always "too cool" to be hanging out with me,
so that left me and my wild imagination. I would play for hourrrrsss, than I would go to my moms gaint crafting room than craft for hours; clay, paint, fabric you name it, it had my name all over that.
My parents never told me no, by the age of 11 I was cutting out wood figures from the bandsaw, supervised of course. But nothing remained untouched, I guess that why when it comes to anything DIY i'm absolutely fearless, of course I've had too many fails, but some good outcomes too. Those are the ones that keep me going, of course. I'm grateful for all the things that have lead me here, to this spot, to working in the design field by day + blogging everything else my crazy mind comes up with on the side. So to recap this year, I'm so grateful for opportunities that have lead and keep me blogging, crafting, and party-ing.

Thank you all for sticking with me, reading, following, and encouraging!
Here's 2014 Project recaps! I'm ready to embrace 2015 with open arms, bring. it. on.

all projects + events can be found and directly link through my events tab.

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