Monday, December 8, 2014

How is possible that it's the time of year again?
Time for another New Beginnings, I went back and forth this year on a theme,
But than I saw this.. and it inspired it all, I'm taking a much simpler route this year,
A waffle party, and focus on our girls not "Waffling" on their personal progress & goals,
Making priorities rather than just putting it aside. Program to come in the near future.

After I pick a theme I like to make sure I have a general idea of how I can tie,
it all together and making sure that it all makes sense, while still be consistant so,
here's a little inspo. board on what I'm thinking on using for decorations,
You can see all the details over here on my pinterest board it includes
links to all the individual products if you choose to go this route.

Stay tune I'll be posting more details + ideas + a free printable invite for you to use!
Similar to this Up Themed YW new beginnings theme we did a couple years ago....

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