Tuesday, December 16, 2014

As if you guys aren't so sick of frozen already,
Or maybe you've heard it in the background on repeat for the last 7 days in your house,
Either way, I'm sure you guys are VERY familiar with frozen, a strong emphasis on the very
Anyways so the cute girl that does my hair asked me to put together a frozen party
for her sweet little girl + niece so within the next few weeks I'll be posting
some DIY's + details, so if your throwing a party stay tuned!

I looked all over for snow wands, holy moly, pricy little wands! 
So I grabbed some wood dowels, rhinestones, and picked up glitter snowflakes,
I found all these items at my local hobby lobby, I'm sure any craft store would carry them,
I painted the wood dowels white, adhered the snowflake + rhinstones & added a ribbon,
Super easy and the totaly cost for 12 wants was $10, that less than a dollar for each 
"Elsa" wand, perfect, affordable and much cuter than the faux metal ones!
I'll be sharing the DIY photobooth props next..

P.s. incase you're like me, and somehow missed this memo .....
just a friendly reminder, or quick panic moment.....

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