Tuesday, August 26, 2014

So honored to be featured over at Apartment Therapy's website!
We finished this headboard in about 2 nights, note this was our first tufting experience
and since then we found a super easy way of tufting! I'll share that at the end of this post!

Its been a couple month and our headboard is holding up fabulous-ly!
Here's the tutorial on how we made out headboard, and here's a tip at the end
On how to get that tufted look so much easier!

Thank you again Apartment Therapy for sharing the tutorial!

We just finished this headboard last week, and this tip from Jen is a huge time saver!
The secret is screws + washers, right screwing fabric who would have thought?
You can read the step by step over here, here are a few photos of how to!
This is a HUGE time saver, so much better than sewing the buttons!

Here's the rest of the tutorial !
Happy tufting, next up on our list in an upholstered bench! 

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