Thursday, August 21, 2014

Oh, still party prepping around here...
Let me tell you that I love outdoor string lights,
But I hate the nasty green color, so I picked up a bottle of gold spray paint
and sprayed till my little gold heart was content, everything is better in gold, right?
So this maybe the easiest thing ever, but sooooooo worth it
Here's how I spray painted the lights

Outdoor String Lights
Rustoleum Gold Spray Paint
Cardboard (to spray on)

I removed all the bulbs, just set them off to the side
Than spray one side of the string, let it dry, spray the other
Let it dry, ta-da!


  1. I love this. Can't wait to try it! Thanks!

  2. If I make sure the insides where the bulbs would return, stuff cotton balls in them so the spray doesn't effect the electrical connection. CAN'T wait to try myself! :)

  3. WED String Lights from Bizarkdeal

    It is Beautiful! Exactly what I wanted. Solar Powered + Waterproof is prefect for outdoor decoration. Very nice product for the money.
    I made hooks so it can stay on the gutter. The solar panel seems have can only stick into the ground which may not be ideal with heavy snow comes.
    No complain yet. Will see how long it last.

  4. The advantage of using Battery operated string lights is that they increase the decorating possibilities of any area, because they do not require being wired to an electric power supply.