Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I finally go around to painting this, only 7 month later.
Haha, sometimes when you find a REALLY good piece of furniture that is only $20,
your inner brain says YOU need this, not want but NEED, because one day you will need that.
So after sitting in the garage for months I finally painted it.

Here's some quick before pictures...

The color I used is by Pittsburgh Paints called Salmon Pink, how fitting.

1st I sanded the dresser, the top, sides and the part of the face of the drawers
2nd I spray primed the primer, just Rustoleam primer
3rd I rolled the Salmon Pink paint on, since I did it outside on a windy day it only took about a half hour to dry.

That's it, this was a quick project, I cant believe I waited this long to do it, super easy.

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