Tuesday, May 27, 2014

This weekend was amazing, good food, family, laughs, relaxing, projects,
We are so blessed to have so much family and we threw our first BBQ,
I admit I was so nervous, it was my husbands first time smoking ribs & brisket
But it turned out great! And I, in my typical party throwing fashion turned this into a party.

Fresh peonies from my garden, paint jars, paper plats + utensil kits, mini potted succulents.
So easy simple, and inexpensive, which is good for entertaining a large crowd!

I made popsicles, cherry limade, popsicles with sprite poured over the top.
So fun, everyone loved it, except I clearly should have made more they were a hit. 

You can read how to make those painted jars, on the previous post, easy and only $7
They were beautiful for our centerpiece and took up lots of room.
My husband made two tables from an old fence, he added some 2x4 to the end 
and added wood post, I stained them and voila free rustic picnic tables, just like that.

We also hung round outdoor patio lights, so when the sun went down we plugged them in.
Perfect, the weather was perfect, the lights and candles were perfect and the company, ah so good!

Ah, and of course there's a picture of those Popsicle drinks, please make them!

How to:
Can of frozen Limade
Cherry Grenadine

Open the can of limade, mix 1 cup of water.
Pour Grenadine in the bottom of the Popsicle mold with cherries,
Add Cut limes, just push them towards to bottom.

Freeze for 4 hours. Voila Done, so yummy! 
Happy Summer and BBQ season


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