Thursday, May 22, 2014

Guess who loves holiday weekends? Me!
And Mike & I decided to throw a little family BBQ,
we have lots of family, and we are so lucky to live by them all! 

Since we're having lots of people over, I'm liking the idea of EASY and cheap.
I picked up those darling jars from my dollar store, $7 for 12 jars! SOLD.
My peonies are blooming their little heads off and they will be perfect in those jars.

Here's how I painted my jars:

Acrylic Paint (just the cheap $1 ones from Hobby Lobby)
Rustoleum's Metalic Gold Spray Paint

-Add some paint directly to the INSIDE of the jars.
-Use foam brush to coat the inside of the jar, if your paint is thick, add some water.
-Occasionally checked the jars and move or shake paint around the jar to make sure it doesn't settle.

Spray Paint
-Tape off the outside of the jar, where you'd like. Or shoot, spray the entire thing, go for it!
- Spray the outside of the jar, flip upside down, lid side down, to let dry

That's it! Each cheap center pieces for the BBQ for $7!

Oh and I put together those cute little utensil kits with these items:

Napkins- via the dollar store $1
Wood Utensils- via Amazon or Sucre Shop
Glassine Bags- via Sweet Estelle
Kraft Stickers- via Knot & Bow
Berry Baskets- Via SucreShop
Flags- via me! download them here

Oh those little flags! You can download them here, I made them. & glue them to wooden skewers.

Fold the napkin, add the utensils, throw the cute sun burst star sticker on the outside.
These are so cute for a center piece on the plate, plus all disposable. 


  1. This color combo is GORGEOUS! The pastels mixed with the gold is sooo pretty. I would love to link to this if you didn't mind!

    1. Rachel!

      Thank you so much, and yes feel free to link away! Thanks!