Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hello, I'm a slacker, as in like life has been super busy & I haven't had time to craft,
Well, this morning I woke up before work & hurry and got ready so I could put these together.
These little egg shell succulents! So darling & so so so easy, and by easy I mean like 15 minutes easy.
I put a set together for my window & as a gift to my sister.

Succulent (or clippings)
Egg Carton

Crack the top portion of the egg, clean the egg out with just warm water. Let dry.
I used a small spoon to place the dirt inside the egg, fill half way, add water & the succulent.
Fill the rest of the egg with dirt, and place in reused egg carton.

Aren't these just darling? I'll be adding a gold flag, tag that says happy easter, and twine!
Happy easy Easter crafting! 

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