Monday, April 28, 2014

Hey there, watch out, this weekend I was productive!   
2 project + tutorials, stained my deck which I loathe, cleaned out my office and planted my garden.
I'm so thankful to get to host mothers day! I love my mom & I love that she appreciates fun things,
So let the DIY begin! I gold foil dotted these classes for the table setting.
I think these cups would be cute on display in a kitchen.

I made these glasses for around $18, for 8. 
I picked my glasses up at TJ Maxx 4 glasses for $6
Check there for cheap glasses first!

Here's what you need:
Foil  Pen like this

Shake the pen well, blot on a paper towel or paper.
Lightly make dot the sides of the glass, I did more on top and than faded it as I went down the cup.  
I ran the gold pen around the rim, note I would recommend using a straw only for these cups.
Place and straw and your done! Simple & darling. 

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