Sunday, April 6, 2014

I love a good productive weekend!
This weekend we got a ton done on the kitchen.
We finished grouting, hung the stainless steel hood, shelving, outlets back on,
painted the pantry, that gorgeous blue color, which I was avoiding the store so I ended up mixing colors, and got that gorgeous blue, organized the pantry, cleaned the garden beds,
bought our veggie seeds for our garden....

...... Oh and......

Managed to bust the top of our glass stove, er, I mean the husband knelt on it 
and it shattered.... The entire thing. So that resulted in us going and buying a new stove.
So a new stainless steel stove is on its way to our house, even though that wasn't in the budget,
Like at all, at least we have all new, matching, appliances? There's always a bright side?

We still have some trim work to do above the cabinets,
We're going to do something like this, but we're leaving that till last
And we have one cabinet that needs a special order door, blah,

But hooray! we're making progress, and that I love.

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